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River Chelmer – Hard Going

I headed back to the River Chelmer, this time with the old man in the promise of some River Fish and a change from his usual match style Fishing at our club lakes.

We shared a little weir pole Fishing half each, his approach started off with a little cage feeder with some groundbait and dead maggots, and I started and stayed on what done me well last time, a light bomb with a dendra or lob on the hook (I know, I splashed the cash and got lobs today!). Today rather than my normal trusty Garbalino I swapped it out for my Advanta 5.5ft River Ambush rod to see how that would fair, looking at it now, the quiver tip seems just a bit too hard for the Fish there.

The day started slow bite wise, however plenty of little knocks on both of our tips. It wasn’t long before the old man was in (Not sure why I gave him the better swim!), and he landed a lovely little Gudgeon! Lovely little Fish, shame we never took a photo of it! He went back out again and continued having knocks, taps and bites on his method and soon started to find some chunky Roach, however the bites did take some time to come.

IMG 20201017 101547
One chunky Roach!

I soon too was involved in the Roach party, and landed a few chunky Roach, huge change to last time when I was Perched out!

IMG 20201017 110129
We both had a few chunky roach like this, however the old man did manage more!

After switching between types of worms, I settled to stick it out on a lob while I had my pasty, and sods law of whenever you go to eat, you get a bite! And the first Perch of the day came!

IMG 20201017 121500
Chunky small Perch!

It wasn’t long before I had another Perch too, again on the lob worm! This time, a bit bigger.

IMG 20201017 125410

Meanwhile, my Dad had a few more interesting catches, firstly probably the biggest Fish of the day, a Chublet. Although the biggest Perch may have been around there too.

IMG 20201017 095005
Chelmer Chublet!

And also for him, his favourite Fish of the day, a chunky 6oz ish Dace, a lovely Fish to catch!

IMG 20201017 125918
Little Dace

The day got quieter, maybe because of the people who enjoyed throwing a ball into the middle of the weir for their dogs, which was a nice touch, with the owners seemingly oblivious to why it may annoy us!

However it was a lot harder than last weekend, with a lot of missed bites, not sure if it was down to the Rod. But was good to get the old man out his comfort zone and catch a few nice Fish on the River, even if he did beat me in the process!

Tight Lines…

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Looks like you had a good day, i have just joined the Maldon club and looking to fish the Chelmer for the first time can you give me some tips on what strech to fish please.

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