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River Cheese Paste Fishing

Luckily, the rain held off enough for my local beat of the Crouch to be fishable this weekend! My Partner decided to come with me, and spent the time sitting in the car behind me reading a book, so I had a keen audience watching! I decided just to fish the one spot for a few hours in the morning. Just to stay in sight of her and a bit of laziness as well!

The swim as above, is a lovely fallen tree, which does seem to hold a good number of Chub under. The only issue with the swim, is the flow going from left to right, so ideally I’d be the other side of the tree fishing towards, however, I carefully drop my rig in as close to the tree trunk as I can get. I was using a 4g weight, as it’s a lovely slack spot guarded by the tree, I was using a short 6′ hook lenth (So I can stay close to the tree and weight, in hope of a better bite indication) and a size 16 (I know, I need bigger hooks for cheese paste! Have some on order!). The bite I was expecting fishing this way, is the tip to pull round and then go slack as the weight comes back, of course this depends on how the Fish will swim, but I expect drop bites to be the main bite.

IMG 20210206 100001

I had a few lobs with me, but this time I also brought some cheese paste, it’s only one of a few times I have fished with cheese paste, however, my family weirdly aren’t too fond of cooking and making cheese paste, so I looked online, and found the Hook Bait Company, who make a range of river fishing baits that look really good, decided to get a pot of the original cheesy ready made cheese paste pot, not a bank breaker and definitely has the smell factor! Worth a look! The Cheese paste was nice and soft and was easily moulded onto the hook.

IMG 20210206 083623

The first chuck looked promising, with instant little hits and taps on the tip, with then a ring of the phone, my partner calling from the car, as I turn to look, of course the tip goes round and then slack, being on the phone, I catch this late and miss the bite! Frustration instantly! However was nice to see a bite come that quickly, and filled me with some hope of catching a fish today. However, the frustration continued with another missed bite after this, with the tip going round, and the lift into nothing, possibly an issue with how I hooked the cheese paste, and not having a big enough hook!

I wasn’t going to miss another bite, as I hooked into a fish finally! And managed to navigate the fish away from the tree trunk into safety, or what I thought, as the Fish came off! Gutting, have I fluffed my chance?

After this commotion in the swim, I fed a few small balls of the cheese paste and just left it a bit to rest, I eventually went back in, again with a lump of paste on the hook, this time a bit smaller and made sure the hook point was showing. It wasn’t long before I had a few taps on the tip, and then a big drop of the tip, I instantly struck and had a Fish on again! This one needed less convincing to come out away from the tree, and I was able to play it in the open water, getting his head up quickly, soon saw it was a Chub. Nothing huge, but a nice Fish nevertheless, a chunky Chub, definetly been filling up, probably on all the cheese paste it stole from me today! The net was soon under it, and the Fish on the bank.

Not breaking any records with it, but happy to have caught today after missing a few chances, which hopefully with a bigger hook would maybe not have happened! One of those days I could’ve ended up with maybe 5 Chub if I hit all the bites, however its how those things go, after this fish, I thought it was a good time to end it, and headed home.

Thanks for reading & Tight lines!

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