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River Cat-Fishing

Today’s blog is split into a two parts, last weekend and this weekend of Fishing my little spot on my local River. With the milder weather here and spring now fully on the horizon, I was hopeful for a few Fish!

IMG 20210221 084006
Swim, with an un-friendly cat crossing!

I had been upstream ledgering this spot previously, however, due to missed bites I decided to sit right tight next to the fence and tree in hope for some better bites and a better chance at connecting to the Chub lying in wait under the tree. Using a light 4g weight and Cheese Paste on a size 10 hook. Hoping a nice smelly bait would get the Fish to turn around. There was some worry due to Fishing so close to the feature with the sun behind me it may spook or put any Fish off, so I tried to sit as far back as possible. It was tough going at first with no sign of a tap for a while, so I decided to take a walk to another likely looking swim while letting this swim rest, with the plan of coming back and upstream ledgering.

IMG 20210221 101011

Again sticking with the Cheese Paste in this swim I soon noticed a few small taps Fishing close to the fallen tree here, on previous days, a cast to this spot Fishing tight always seems to end up with myself squirrel fishing and up a tree! However luckily a nice smooth swing and it was perfectly in place, and clearly had something having a sniff. The tap’s developed into a quick bite, and a quick miss, looking back, quite possibly just a line bite. I tried again but to no more touches, the Fish must have been spooked!

I headed back to the original spot, swapping for a 10g weight to be able to tighten too and upstream ledger, carefully placing my bait in my spot and letting line off as I walked back to my spot to sit out the way. I opted to change and stick a lob tail on, I find in milder conditions lob worm can be even more deadly. Almost instantly the tip was waggling around, clearly something had grabbed the worm quickly, I struck quickly, feeling a Fish on the end, the Fish quickly darted towards the snag and under the tree, however in my attempts to steer him clear, he spat the hook!

A Blank!

Moving onto this weekends session and back on the River, an incredibly bright and sunny day, with the River still flowing through cold as ice, I wasn’t too confident, I opted to upstream ledger from the start, mixing from Cheese Paste and Lob worm, in hope being away would give me the best chance for a bite. However the River is now quite low compared to previous sessions. Still with some depth under the tree, I held hope in there surely was still some Chub under there! However this soon came to be, if the Chub were still under this tree, they were not interested in what I was offering for them! Not even a tap! All I had for company was a friendlier cat than before!

IMG 20210227 100414

Despite the blanks, still lovely to get out, and watch the world go by, the Wrens hustling around the remaining growth and twigs in the side of the banks, the busy robins going about their business. And of course, the several cats stalking the other side of the River, hunting those birds.

It can be quite entertaining to watch the cats cross over the fallen tree to the other side, waiting for the day one falls in, and I will properly be…cat fishing!

Tight Lines all…

My Quiver Rod: Darent Valley 8ft Specialist

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