River can chunk

Getting down to the can is always a fun session, as it’s a good local river for me but has always surprised me with what comes out! 

Tactics today were my 11ft sunridge proton feeder paired with one of my Shakespeare reels with 8lb mono (heavy I know but recently snags have been a bane) with a 1oz ledger bomb as the river had a bit of flow, down to a 6lb hook length with a Korum specialist size 8 hook with a big lobworm as bait! 

The first few fish to fall to the bait were a pair of 6oz dace which was surprisingly a nice fight!

Another cast in and another did this time a chub of about 1lb which put a lovely bend in the rod!

After 3 fish the swim went very quiet and I found out the reason why as a jack pike had taken the bait and then bit me off.

Sulking and sad I decided to move spots to a nice deep hole with a lot of structure which looked good for the perch and chub and oh boy was that a correct thought!

Had a few taps on the tip and that was it for about the next 30 minutes but I waited and chucked some chopped worm and hemp as loose feed, then the rod hooped over double and spruce back and went over again and I struck into what felt like a tank with big head shakes and a good few runs I pulled his head up and slipped him into my net and what a lovely fish he was at nearly 4lb another cracking fish and a great way to start the new year and that marks the 3rd New Year’s Day that I’ve caught a big chub! 3 years of big chub luck spot on!!! 

If any of you are out have a great session and tight lines

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