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Rising River Roding

Today I headed to my club section of the Roding to have another try after the rain hit, with me today was actually a reader, Ian, who wanted to learn a few River techniques, and see what River Fishing is all about. I’m not the best River angler, no where near, but I was happy to show him what I do know and hopefully get him catching some Fish.

Today I setup on a simple link ledger and was Fishing Dendras and Lobs on the hook, nice and simple! I was actually using a new Rod. I got the Tackle Box Darrent Valley 8ft Specialist Quiver. Which I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality so far for the price, however after a few more uses, and hopefully Fish, I will give a breakdown on what I think of the Rod!

I started off and got Tom in the peg by a little weir, on a chunk of worm, we sat and waited hoping for a quick bite, however, after Ian almost taking a swim, nothing happened in this peg, so we continued to rove around in places we could both Fish.

I setup in a lovely looking swim, and it wasn’t long before I was getting notifications of Fish, which eventually developed into a wrap round! Although, I struck into nothing!

IMG 20201031 095146

Gutting, missing a bite is always tough, especially the ones which look unmissable! However we moved on and tried a few more inviting swims without much of a knock!

Ian did get a few notifications and even bite but also missed, the signs of a frustrating day for the both of us possibly. It wasn’t long before the heavens opened, and soaked me right through to my skin, without catching Fish it was a bit depressing being that wet!

Soon after Andy, someone I had crossed paths on the River before turned up, and set up in a good looking swim, with the good idea of bringing a bivy and staying put and keeping dry! How that would’ve been a great idea!

Missed a few more bites, not huge bites, maybe should’ve left them longer, but on another day you would hit into a Fish each time, and I just seemed to keep missing with every bite I got.

As I was debating leaving, Andy had a bite on his lob worm line, and had a lovely Perch, with some assistance from myself to get it netted, at least I had seen a Fish, and had the honour to net it!

IMG 20201031 125733

Lovely little Perch with some very bright colours on!

In the end, after missing 5 great bites, it was a bit of a disappointing day, especially being soaked and freezing didn’t make it much fun!

However typing this out with a soon broadcast from Boris Johnson, and a possible lockdown coming, you wonder when you will be able to Fish again, and really regret missing those bites! Hopefully we can still Fish, although I’m sure a lot of you will know the result when reading this, and if we can still Fish, hopefully I don’t blank again as I have today!

Tight Lines all!

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