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Rigged & Ready – X5 Max Travel Rod Review

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the X5 Max Travel Rod by Rigged & Ready. I am really interested in Travel Rod’s especially one which on the label says it can cover such a range of Fishing, it really sparked my interest, as a Mini driver, I don’t have the luxury of having loads of space in the car, so a Rod which can literally fit in a backpack covering a range of Fishing seems like a great fit, especially for those holidays away to the Lake District!

The important thing to remember when looking at a Travel Rod is it won’t compare up to your specialist rods, however there are a few which are great for the money and can give you a similar quality.

Speaking to the owner of Rigged & Ready about his Rods, the thing I noticed when using them was how strong and tough they were, almost unbreakable, which for a rod which breaks down so small in so many pieces you really don’t expect. I asked him what makes his Rods so strong, a bit technical and way over my head, he explained part of the blend for the Rod included Zylon. Which is 1.6 times stronger than Kevlar and has actually been used in some of the construction for the mars rover! Which is quite cool! When I asked him if the Rod was bulletproof because of this, he probably realised how small my scientific knowledge was! Although not bulletproof, it does make for a strong rod!

IMG 20201005 160635 scaled e1603734125360
The different configurations of the Rod

You do get a helpful leaflet with the Rod on the different setups and what you can use them for as above, and gives you a lot of different combinations you can use this Rod for.

IMG 20201005 160810
The many parts of the Rod!

I have used this Rod on a method feeder at a commercial fishery (Newland Hall Fishery) and also on Lure for some Pike on the River. Incredible you can use one Rod for two different types of Fishing, so far apart from each other in style!

So, looking at the quiver tip, initial thoughts were that it was going to be a bit stiff, however after building the Rod and then feeling it was a lot softer than I thought, it isn’t the most quivery of all quiver tips, however bite indication at the commercial was fine, and small 1lb Carp were still pulling the tip all the way round!

I will also add, I was a fan of the colour of the tip, made it quite nice to see, although the photo doesn’t full show that. It made good sport fighting these small Carp, wasn’t over gunning them and just dragging them back, however it wasn’t at the brink of its limits, I would feel comfortable having low doubles on this on the tip, of course you can use another one of the tips more suitable for bigger Carp.

Now, onto what I think everyone will more than likely use this Rod for mostly. Lure Fishing, you could use the quiver tip to do so light lure Fishing for Perch and even use it to dropshot, however I opted to use the normal spin setup as I was targeting Pike on this session. I had a small ish Roach imitation Lure on, hopefully would target all sizes of Pike.

IMG 20201024 114107
The Rod along with the Lure of Choice

The thing you will notice when using this Rod, it is a bit heavier than normal all out Lure Rods, however as explained further up, its for the strength of the Rod. The tip of the Rod when Lure Fishing is lovely, small wrist movements you can really shake the tip and get some fantastic movement in the Lure, it really impressed me watching the Lure in the clear water and how much it moved.

IMG 20201024 WA0002
Pike Caught on the Rigged & Ready Rod

And clearly, it also perked the Pike’s interest, resulting in landing this lovely jack of a few pound! And throughout the day I had several more takes, however the I ended up losing them.

Overall, this Rod is great for those traveling Anglers who don’t have a lot of space and want to do a variety of Fishing, it can fit in your hand luggage at an airport aswell, so it can even go on further abroad trips! I’d highly recommend this Rod to anyone.

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