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Rigged & Ready – Fish Rig 180 Review – The best telescopic rod?

Today, something a bit different, a rod review, the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 (This blog as nothing to do with the Car, although a lovely car it is!), when I was first told about this rod, I was very intrigued and had to give it a go. It’s a semi telescopic ultra light rod. Perfect for light lure fishing for Perch or LRF. I saw this Rod as the perfect rod to target Perch.

As usual with Rigged and Ready, the rod comes in a quality hard case, with beautiful embroidery on, this is something they don’t go cheap on with the cases, they make travel rods, and you need a good case for it, I really wish more companies packed their rods in lovely cases like this. It just screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101252 scaled e1626427439860

Firstly, lets take a look at the specifications of this Rod. It is as above, semi telescopic, the only section not telescopic is the main tip, and it come’s with two tips giving you two different lengths and strengths. The main tip is 0-15g and will make the rod to 180cm, the second tip is 15-30g and makes the rod to 160cm. Really gives you a nice range of fishing.

IMG 20210716 101310 scaled e1626427468347

The rod also only weights in at 90g! Yes…only 90g! With a balanced reel, the rod will balance perfectly on your finger, it’s a breeze to carry all day fishing, you’ll barely notice you’re holding it! Normally with travel rods, or telescopic rods with different parts, you do think it the quality will maybe be bulky, maybe a bit heavy, or it will break easy. Really not the case with this rod, as light as it is, I’ve never thought I’d break it, you need to be careful when building it with each of the sections as you would any rod, however once in full piece, the build quality is fantastic.

IMG 20210716 101357

If we move onto the look of the Rod now, because let’s be honest, as anglers we like tackle that looks good! I feel it definitely delivers on the style front, the previous Rigged & Ready rod had the lovely stamp just above the reel with the brand and rod name, however that was the extent of it. This time Rigged & Ready have really upped their game in my eyes. The design of the handle is lovely, with a lovely cork handle, and the typical light lure rod look now with a thin carbon part going into the butt of the Rod.

And well, the butt of the Rod is finished with a lovely Pike with the Uk logo designed into, really screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101430

I guess we should move onto what is the Rod like to use? I have personally used this rod for Dropshot targetting Perch of any size. And my usual worry is that the Rod will be too heavy for the small Perch, it’s nice to see a bend in your rod for any size fish, but also when you get those bigger Perch, it to handle them, and this rod truly does, it makes the small perch enjoyable, until you hit into a bigger one, and it really shows it strength, as you can really handle the bigger fish.

The best thing, this Rod only costs £59.99. which is an incredibly low price. If anyone was interested, we can also offer a 10% discount code to make this an even better price too! “ESSEX A+R&R

If you want to see the Rod in action, here are few videos of myself using the Rod for Perch, and also George from Adventure Fishing UK’s review of the Rod (Prepare for huge enthusiasm as you go into George’s video! He catches some great fish in it!).

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