Brian Holland

Riding the Storm

It was boxing day, when most people are with family still full of the day before festivities for one, I go fishing.

The storm was forecast but that was not going to stop me fishing. Torrential rain, 50 mph winds, what more could an angler want.

After barrowing four times around to the swim and everything safe in the bivvy, I set about getting the rods in position, One with a winter bottom bait cast half way across the lake under some power lines that stretch across the lake and the second a natural pop up cast to the far reed where I had seen a fish come out three times, This cast has to be done in a crouched position to make sure that you get under the cable, after three casts of which two dropped short I was in position.

With rods cast for the night I sat in the bivvy with the fire to add some warmth to counter act the cold winter night.

Sitting by the lamp, I put the kettle on for a cup of tea with the wind increasing slowly, flapping the sides of the bivvy, Cup full of steaming hot tea I wait for the alarms to go off, knowing my luck it will be at the height of the storm tonight, Bella was going to pound me.

Midnight was the first beep of the alarm, whether it was the wind or a fish I do not know but with head torch on I was up and looking intently at the rods. Nothing, I wandered around the bivvy pushing the rent pegs back into the ground and putting the hood that had folded itself back over the bivvy in place. Looking at the weather report the wind was in full swing for the next couple of hours and the rain was yet to come. I waited in anticipation.

Now at 2am, sleep being discarded as the four walls of the bivvy being continually battered by wind and rain, I sat drinking coffee. Luckily, it was a bright moon so through the bivvy door amongst the rain drops and the shaking I could see the lake. Every now and then a bleep as the wind caught the line in the correct direction to send a signal to the alarm and receiver.

At 4.30 again a blast parted the Velcro at the top of the door blasting rain into the bivvy. I was up putting the door back together, now with waterproofs on, I ventures outside with head torch on, I inspected around the bivvy replacing three pegs that had been drawn from the ground and pushing back in another two and then returned inside waiting the wind to die down completely, according to the weather app I had still one and a half hours to go.

Now mid-morning with the storm now over, I repaired and positioned the bivvy and sat pondering on re placing the rods with the pressure now dropping thus was looking good. With coffee and breakfast out of the way, I set about re baiting and change the colour of the pop up to my normal yellow to see if I could induce a bite and the other rod, I replaced the bottom bait with a pink pop up. With both rods now under the power line midway across the lake

Just after midday, a single beep came from the right-hand rod, as the rod arced to the left, I was in. The pink pop up under the power lines was off. I let it run it hopes that it would wear itself out a bit then slowly retrieved line; it was staying deep in the water. After ten-minute battle under the rod tip, with the fish taking line then me retrieving the line the fish was slowly guided to the landing net. This was my first Christmas fish after 4 years of trying I was graced with a 14 lb common. With Pictures taken it was sent back home and the rod placed back out on the spot.

The sun decided to shine all afternoon which gave me a chance to dry out all the wet gear from last nights storm. With the lake looking like a mill pond with the winters sun reflecting off the surface is why we go out in all weathers

Life is good.

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