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Return to the Guest Lake

Myself and Jack have had this session booked for a few weeks so with all the very hot weather leading up to this session we weren’t as quite positive as we would normally be. Arriving at the lake, after a hearty hello and little chat with the Owner we made our way over to the Guest Lake, with other people already fishing we set up on the two available pegs and stood there watching the water for a while to see if we could see anything within our areas. The whole complex has some of the best aeration systems I have seen on a lake so this is always a feature to fish too when the weather is as hot as it has been over the last few weeks. 

With our tactics of baiting a single spot over the course of our trip working pretty well last time we decided to use that approach again, with one rod permanently on the baited spot whilst roaming & fishing the margins with the other two rods until we got a fish from the baited spot and then moving another rod over to the spot. 

With this session being a 36 hour session we was quietly confident of at least catching a few fish each, with the weather over our session seemingly cooling down from the ridiculous heats of the previous weeks we believed this would have a positive impact on the fishing, unfortunately this seemed to have an adverse effect on the lake as it seemed the takes dried up somewhat to what we usually get and it was a few hours till we got our first indication. 

Luckily for myself it was me with the first fish of the session, using our new baits from Spotted Fin, I was fishing a Slip D-Rig with a Pre-Glugged Smokey Jack wafter over a few Smokey Jack freebies up to the aerator. After a good old scrap, trust me these fish don’t half scrap as well! 

I was graced with this perfect common carp, again not big by any means but in pristine fighting condition. 

The rest of the day passed uneventfully for myself and Jack with only one or two other fish coming out from around the lake, which is very unusual for this lake so it just went to show how the weather can really affect a lake. 

After settling down on top of my bed (Way too hot to snuggle up into my sleeping bag) it wasn’t long before I had a screaming run on my baited spot, once again after an awesome little battle I was greeted with this lovely common carp, happy days! Maybe this was the turning point and we were about to get into some fish, I couldn’t be more wrong if I tried, with no more fish for myself and Jack only having a small common through the night our trip wasn’t looking as promising as we first hoped. 

All of the other anglers on the lake were moving off early Sunday morning so this gave me and Jack a chance to fish other spots and have the whole lake to ourselves basically, apparently I didn’t need to as I had a lovely little catfish from my aerator spot within the first couple of hours of daylight, lovely jubbly! 

An hour or so later I had another fish, this one being the biggest of the session and a lovely mirror/leather carp, awesome fighting fish, it had a huge tail on it and defiantly gave me the belief it was a much bigger fish but hey, an awesome and welcome fish none the less! 

With Jacks pegs not being very productive and his confidence taking a bit of a knock he decided to move into the swim to my left, this gave him half of the lake to fish for himself and the person in the swim that left that morning did have a few fish the day before so it was a bit of a no brainer for Jack to have a move, I chose to stay put as my peg seemed to be producing some fish when others weren’t, this again luckily paid off for me with a very pretty mirror carp. 

With the session coming to an end we reluctantly packed our stuff up and headed off home after having a word with the Owner, we found out two guys fishing one of the members lakes done a day session on the Sunday and landed two 30’s and a fair few 20’s within 6 hours of fishing (We heard their bite alarms going off constantly throughout the day and was getting jealous ourselves.) This made us want to become members even more and we cannot wait to get stuck in to the other lakes on site! 

So, with this session done and dusted so is this blog, once again thank you for reading this and supporting us on our journey, if you like to keep up to date with our fishing antics please follow the social media links below. 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



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