Bailey Payne

Return of the Cray’s

Another early start this morning brought me back to the River Roding in search of some more Chub. It was a beautiful morning, very bright and warm, which isn’t the best combination for Chub so I imagined it would be more of a nice trip out for myself walking up and down the River bank while observing the wildlife, a Kingfisher busy as ever up and down the River, and some sort of Kestrel circling above!

The approach today was slightly different to how I approached the River last week, I had got some lob worm specially for today so decided to use a simple link ledger and hope for the best. First spot resulted in nothing, not even any twitches which is always worrying, especially as the morning turns into midday, and I know the River doesn’t really perform well during the middle of the day so if I was going to catch, had to do it quickly.

Moving into my next spot, the River looked lovely, it’s one I tried previously and was only left with a few knocks, however, I felt confident this time, the spot had lovely flow and a huge bed of lily pads, looked almost certain that there would be some Fish hiding under there, combined with overhanging bushes there must have been at least one Chub somewhere. After a few minutes, a few little knocks developed into a slack bite, lifting up into it discovered it was a tidy Roach, making this the only other species I have caught from the Roding.

I tried a few over spots, but as the time went on I thought my luck was done, I decided to change up strategy and go to a cage feeder, mixing blended bread with chopped up lob worm, hoping I would make an irresistible mix for the Chub. After a few more spots, no luck, until suddenly a few more knocks, which ended up developing into just the tip shaking, lifting into this, I could tell it wasn’t a Fish, It was a Crayfish, a Signal Crayfish. After having this and now midday well and truly here, I decided it was a good time to call it, overall was a nice session walking up and down this very tough Essex River. Having some consolation in myself being the only Angler to have caught a Fish so far.

What I’m learning from this Essex River is that it will be a tricky one to learn, however, to learn the secret of these small Rivers you have to keep going at it and you’ll soon find the Fish.

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