Brian Holland

Quick one on the Stour

Waking up at 4.30 on Saturday to be on the road at 5 to get up to the river pant for a mornings perch fishing with Russell and Andy was the easy bit, arriving in the dark and tackling up under a head torch. I was ready to head down to the river. Getting down to the river it was a disappointment that the water was clear and extremely shallow after an hour of walking and flicking lures into the opposite margin it was decided to move on and head for the river stour. parking at Clare we walked back towards a bridge casting as we went again it was low and looking at the banks it was about a foot down, finding a 20 yard stretch of deeper water we found the perch and they were eager to attack our lures.

Russell taking the first two at 27 and 34 cm in length on spro perch hog. I had still to get a nimble. so raiding Andy’s lure box for a matching hog as I only had watermelon, I received my first hit then another, After an hour and exhausting the area Russell had 6, myself 4 and Andy 2 all on the same set ups.

After a bacon roll we moved on to find other areas, we found a nice stretch further up the road where Russell and Andy hit a couple of jacks we headed back down to the chelmer where I showed my gymnastic ability after slipping down a slope and at the last minute swinging my legs over the water back onto the bank, so with a muddy bottom we went back to the cars were we parted ways as I went off to do some carp blanking for the rest of the weekend


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