Bailey Payne

Quest for Rudd

Today I continued my quest for a big Rudd! Heading back to this little rural Essex Lake in hope a big chunky Rudd decides to feed! It wasn’t great weather, a very cold wind blowing all day and rain was looming, so without a brolly I weren’t sure how long I would last!

My technique was maybe not the usual Rudd style, I decided to Fish on the tip with a small cage feeder with liquidised bread in and a bread flake on the hook, so it slowly sank and gave the Rudd the chance to take it on the drop. I started Fishing in deep water (10ft+) in hope the Rudd have dropped down in the colder conditions, it didn’t take long at all, in fact about a minute and I was into my first Fish, a lovely small maybe 6-8oz Rudd!

IMG 20200829 122514

Was a good start, but the hype didn’t continue as it went quiet after this. I then moved onto a fishing on the edge of a few lilys, still with the same method. And I got a few Fish over the course of 2 hours or so. Including the biggest one of the day, just over a pound.

The weather continued to worsen, the wind got a bit stronger and it started to spit, so my time was a bit limited for how long I had left, I moved round to another section of lily pads to see if I could get a run of Fish, and it worked, catching a few of the smallest of the day! (No photos of them) Probably only 3-4oz. I then managed another Fish around the pound mark and one just a bit smaller!

A lovely condition Rudd, with beautiful blood red fins! Overall, this session ended with around 6 Rudd, with only 2 falling over a pound. The rain started coming down now so it signalled the end of my day, was a good few hours! Better then last time on the bright side with some bigger Fish, however a 2lb+ Rudd is still evading them! Not sure how many days I will have left at this quest now with the warmer weather fading. And the Rivers certainly calling me now! Hopefully a few Chub to come soon!

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