Khan Emin

Predator fishing galore

Starting off the day on the micro crank baits in roach colour! Had 3 nice chublets absolutely bomb them one after the other! 

I then changed spots and changed to a rattling hornet in brown trout colour, bringing it through slow and then speeding the pace up a bit, I felt it come to a halt and then I struck into something decent a fight ensued for over 5 minutes and I thought I was into a big chub but as I bought the head up I saw it was a pike (around 5lb) not a massive fish but get on UL Gear! After that I had some bad luck with a massive trout followed in and went for the rattling hornet and then swam off! 

The Next day was even better, same tactic of jigs and crank baits but the jigs worked even better catching me a chunky 1lb+ perch and loads of wasps and a little jack pike! Decided to move on to float fishing tactics as it was going quiet and I got into a few nice Chub and a few decent size roach, biggest was close to a pound! 

Onto a session on the chub stream in st Ives, very picturesque venue and a beautiful little stream teaming with fish

Me and my buddy Simon started off on the micro lures! Landing around 30 wasps between us and the biggest being near half a pound! Switched to free lining a worm and had 5 more perch! My mate Simon has the biggest fish of the day by free lining a big cube of spam and ended up catching a decent size eel from this little stream! 

The past few days fishing has been amazing and hopefully keeps on being that way! 

Hope you all catch something and tight lines to all of you!!!

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