Post Lockdown Match

Thank you Essex Anglers for allowing me to share a blog, hope you all enjoy.

My name is Nathan Mills I am located in Clacton on sea Essex, I have fished ever since I was 8 from a range of fishing to sea , rivers and lakes. I am 18 and now I am a hard working angler and I am very determined to make myself the best as I can when it comes to match fishing.
On the 6th December I fished a club match at St Osyth wick local venue for me which holds many memories of me growing up doing matches and meeting some inspirational people too , 2 lakes here at wick front lake and back lake both unbelievable good when the fish are having a munch , filled with carp from 5lb to 27lb lot’s of mid doubles so much fun hooking one on and the reel screams off. Back to the match drawn peg 24 front lake was really happy with the draw as the swim has lots of room to discover where the fish are located, decided to fish the match with 1 rod loaded with a 24g hybrid the reason for the hybrid and not the flat feeder is the depth of water was around 8ft and drops to 12ft in places and I wanted to get my bait down to the bottom in a tight area with hardly any feed coming off on the way down so I squeeze the bait into the hybrid hard as I can which is a bonus for using these , also with the weather being cold and wind howling straight into my face I said to Myself at the start of that day if I can get 2-3 bites and land them I will be happy with that and what can I say 1hr 30mins in I had my first bite at 18mins on the stop watch resulting into a 8-10lb carp buzzing to get that into the net so early on, then the match took a sudden turn the weather got horrendous and it wasn’t looking good so I perceived fishing around 25m while fishing I was looking around only 2carp was winning at the time so I needed a fish as soon as possible so I decided to feel in Chuck it out 35m then 20mins on the stop watch the rod flew of the rest and I was hooked into a beast so took my time with this one , it was difficult playing the fish as the wind was so strong I didn’t want to pull too hard and loose this crucial fish then the fish came up slowing one scoop with that net and it’s in mega! This was a shuffler lucky my net was big enough to get it secured.

2hrs to go and it was a close match I was so focused on my own match I wasn’t really looking around much , however the 1st hr of the match I love to look around to see what people are doing and are they caching then I can make the right decisions at the right time always a important hr in the match for myself. 30mins to go and 15mins on the stop watch I managed to nick another carp which I was pleased but I didn’t know what others around me have caught so I just stuck it out then 10mins on my last cast I was into my 4th carp which was surprising as these 2 carp came so close within each other which shows the fish was in little pairs and I managed to get them both get in!! .

And there we have it the match was finished and the waiting game was on with the scales working it’s way round the lake was nail biting for me , then it was time I asked the angler with the score board who’s winning and it was 38lb and that shocked me but here we go let’s get the fish weighed, first was the biggest fish of them all and that went 19lb on the dot which was a bonus , then the others got weighed so all down to the adding up and the result was 41lb 2oz making me the match winner absolutely made up with that result I was pleased of how I fished as I said before I wanted a few bites and got them brilliant match.

Tackle and Bait: 10ft Aventus, 3000 tdr reel loaded with 8lb pulse pro , rigged up with a 24g hybrid in the X-Safe system long stem with black elastic , Hooklength 4lb nguage to 18QM1 with a bayonet I’m a huge fan of using small hooks and I have good confidence hooking and landing big fish . Bait – Mainline Match Cell micros with tuna wafter 8mm on the hook , this is all I needed to get some bites and this is my go to bait combo.

Thank you for reading my first Blog , Tight Lines x

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