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Pole Fishing Basics 2: Making Your Own Rig

Welcome to the second article on Pole Fishing Basics, today we will cover making your own rig! This will include everything apart from hook lengths, personally hook lengths are one thing I may buy, just because I find hook tying slightly fiddly! However, if you wanted an instalment of Pole Fishing Basics on hook length tying, then let me know!

IMG 20210420 102835
What you will need to get started!

So, to make your own rig, what do you need to get started? You don’t need too much before you will be away and catching fish on your own rig!

  • Scissors
  • Stotz or Shots – With Stotz you can use a Stotta to put them on and help remove from line.
  • Mono Line, I have opted for 0.12mm – This Rig will be used for skimmer/bream/crucian fishing.
  • A Float, tackle shops will have a huge choice! I make my own, and am tying up a 0.3g Rugby Ball Red Tip Float.
  • Pole Float Winder – Something to store your rig on!
  • Pole Float Rubbers – This will keep your float tight to the line.

So, Let’s get going!

  1. Firstly, you want to run the line through the eye of your float, the line you are running through will be the bottom of the rig, so make sure you run the line past the tip of the float, through the eye and then to the bottom of the stem.
IMG 20210420 103012

2. Now, you will want to find a pole float rubber which fits your float perfectly, and then cut two bits off to have at the top and bottom of the stem of your float.

IMG 20210420 103126
IMG 20210420 103235

3. Take more line off the wheel and move your float up, you know are going to tie a knot at the end of your line, this will be where you will connect a hook length at the bank. Firstly fold the line back on itself, with about 2inches of line, and spin the line creating a loop at the end. Move the loop slightly to the side and now move the spun line over your loop, and then thread the loop through this circle. Wet the knot a bit and pull through to create the loop knot and then cut off the tag end. (Link of a YT video which may help more on this knot is below!)

4. Now you have tied the end, you can put your stotz on the line. To know how many stotz to use, refer to the below chart. I am using a 0.3g float, so 6 x no9 Shots will weight it done, I never do the exact, I will always do a bit less, and then fine tune this on the bank while plumbing. I will add two No 10 shots directly below the float, and then create a bulk just before the knot we made above where our hook length will be, I will start the bulk with a No 10, and then 4 No shots. Hopefully this should set my float well enough to need minimal changes on the bank.

pole float conversion chart
IMG 20210420 105228
IMG 20210420 105448

5. Now your shots are all on, it’s time to put this on the winder, the venues I will be using this on are about 5ft deep, which equates to around 152cm, the pole winder I am using is 14cm long. So Around 11 wraps will get my depth, however, I am a strong believer in always adding more just incase, so I will round up, and do 15 wraps and then cut this further down on the bank!

IMG 20210420 105939

6. Once you have finished your wraps, cut the line from the line wheel/spool, and now tie the same knot as we done earlier and then add this to the slider on the winder. And that’s your rig all tied!

IMG 20210420 110542
The Finished Rig

I add small notes to the side of my winders, just so I know what is on each, with the float size, and line strength.

IMG 20210420 110525

Now, all you need to do is attach to your pole on the bank, add your hook length (Below is my little box of hook lengths), plumb up and remove any excess line, fine tune how your float sits in the water so it’s nice and responsive, and then you’re off, however, I will cover this small section in the next pole fishing basics!

IMG 20210420 112219

Hope you found this helpful, and hopefully some of you will have the pleasure of using your own rig to catch a few fish on your pole!

Tight Lines all…

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