Brian Holland

Pictures of the world that surrounds our fishing.

Well, the last couple of weeks sorry to say have been uneventful on the fishing front. Even though I have been fishing I have managed to catch absolutely nothing, zero, nowt, a complete blank.

All I have managed is to smack myself in the face with the rod result in a lost tooth and sticky a hook through my thumb (luckily barbless this time).

So, as I sit there pondering the world around and how to entice a few of the larger species from the lake. I will sit and look at the surrounding nature and take a few photographs.

Hopefully, you will see the beauty the beholds us instead of stuck to your phone whilst the world turns. Here is a selection of some I have taken over time.

Frozen at Horseshoe lakes
Bridge on the Chelmer
Moored up Boats – Chelmer
Cows taking up the swim River Chelmer
Bridge across the pond – Asheldham
Bicknacre late summer afternoon
The Mill – Stambridge on the River Roach
Setting sun
The morning mist on the way to fishing in Suffolk
Just a rainbow
An Evening Lure Session
Farlow at Midnight – the light source is the street lights of London
Early Morning on the Roach
A lock on the Chelmer

Tight Lines all


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