Peter Baker

  • The time is ticking
    We join Peter Baker in his campaign back into the match fishing scene. Not only is it a new venue for him, but also his first team match. How will he fare against the seasoned match anglers? I thought I would take a slightly different approach to this blog, with this being not only a […]
  • Don’t ignore the surface
    I managed to grab a few hours between being rushed off my feet. Luckily one of my club lakes is literally on my doorstep, in fact I can see it from the bedroom window. But don’t be fooled by how picturesque the lake is, its not an easy lake. A blank is more often the […]
  • Can’t win them all
    ***Can’t win them all*** Last night I entered a two hour match, what a long two hours it was.I will first explain the situation of the lake as its very different.Normally when fishing for F1’s which a shoal feeders, you catch a few then they start backing away so you have to follow them to […]
  • Back to the Match scene.
    After a very long break from match fishing, I decided to give it another go. I found out that there was a match on a local lake, I just couldn’t resist the urge to give the match scene a go again. Arriving at 8am to see a busy car park full of keen matchmen ready […]