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Perch on the Chelmer

Today I was back on the River after some Carp bashing last weekend, and I headed to a new stretch of the Chelmer for me, a lovely little weir pool and not a bad place to spend a few hours. It was only a 3-4 hour session so not long but proved eventful! And not just from the Kingfisher heading up and down the River all day.

I started the day with the intention of starting on the tip with the plan of going onto the pin and float and do some trotting through the pool, wanted to possibly get a quick good Chub and then catching a nice mix bag. However, from a bit of laziness and the cold getting to me, I was happy to sit on the tip all day! I was using dendras as a hookbait cutting fairly big size of worms off.

It didn’t take long before I was getting notifications and knocks on the tip, however the bite didn’t seem to follow, after a few casts around the weir to try and find the pocket of Fish, I landed on them. And started the day with a lovely colourful river Perch.

This was a lovely chunky Perch and started a constantly flow of Fish, as long as I kept hitting the same spot in the weir pool. The Fish kept coming, although the second Fish of the day wasn’t something I didn’t expect too much, a lovely Dace, a chunky size one for a Dace too!

Most of the Perch I was catching through the day were quite a nice chunky size and gave a bit of a scrap and pulled the tip round a bit too, they seemed to really be feeding in the time I was Fishing.

It was nice to see how quickly the bites were coming, and a lot of them seemed to take the worm on the drop or straight after it hit the deck, I would’ve probably caught more if I was bothered enough to trot! However you live and learn! And I still had a good day, within these small chunky Perch a few better ones did show and it was lovely to see them!

Overall, it was a good 3-4 hour session in the morning, and definitely a stretch of river I will come back too with the hope of finding my first Chelmer Chub here too! However, if some of these Perch showed up again I wouldn’t be too bothered at all! Ended the day with 9 Perch and 1 Dace. Not too shabby!

Tight Lines all!

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HI Bailey, I have not fished for at least thirty-five years, but have recently considered taking it up again. Thank you for this report. I notice that some people have asked where it was, and I was glad that you did not tell! I recognised it instantly, I grew up within walking distance! I intend to pay a visit very soon with my new-bought rods, and hope to say hallo to some of those stripey fellows.

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