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Park Lakes Continued

So once again unfortunately we haven’t been able to hit the bank since our last blog so we are doing a recap of some previous trips to a different park lake then mentioned before, we did do some vlogs on these trips so feel free to check them out on our YouTube channel, the link is at the bottom of this post. 

So, Jack originally come across this Park lake with a friend I believe and fished it once with this friend and had a little surprise with this Jack Pike on his carp rod, to this day this is the only Pike which has been caught between us so it’s a nice little memento, I will be looking into doing some Pike fishing in the coming months if I can learn how to and get the gear so that should be fun. 

We visited this beautiful little/long lake a handful of times during the winter months so results weren’t spectacular but were pretty good given the circumstances, just as with the other Park lake we mainly fished it before we started work at 2PM and we did also fish 1 whole day when we both booked the day off to give it a try, the lake was always very quiet from other fisherman and the only disturbance were the dog walkers etc that walked through the Park, but these were never an issue and always seemed interested when we had a fish on the bank which is quite nice. 

The lake itself is very narrow but is a fairly long stretch with plenty of features and a fair bit of weed whilst we were fishing it, this made the fishing hard but rewarding when we did catch a fish. 

Over a period of a few weeks we managed a handful of sessions, with a couple of lovely dark commons for Jack and an awesome old Mirror when we decided to book the day off of work, so that was well worth the trip, I only managed one of the lakes carp but it was a lovely dark common, as was the typical stamp of fish due to the weed. 

We enjoyed our short time fishing the lake but unfortunately it was brought to a bit of an abrupt end when the Bailiff informed us that the lake has had pollution problems due to the industrial estate nearby and also a pair of otters were seen close by, so having not fished this lake in the last couple years we have no idea how it would fish now so I believe we may pay a visit back here soon to see if we can carry on from our small success previously. 

A short but sweet blog this week, we hope to be hitting the bank very soon and then have a lovely 60-hour session booked on the Guest Lake at the end of October so be sure to tune in for the results of that one! 

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