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This week we visit a Park lake me and Jack fished a few years back, this being Belhus Country Park, now at the time we were both fairly new to carp fishing and was trying to find our feet and after seeing a few of the beautiful fish in these lakes we decided to give it a go. 

Now as I said before we were fairly new to carp fishing as a whole but we had a good understanding of the basics and always wanted to improve, so we thought fishing a lake with a fair bit of weed would be a steep learning curve but also a valuable one, we only managed to fish the lake itself around 5-6 times before work, so short session of around 4-5 hours in the morning before sadly going to work. 

As every fisherman knows local knowledge can be a huge helper so we went about doing some research on the internet, unfortunately for us there wasn’t much information on the lakes on the internet so we went about speaking to anyone who was fishing it when we visited, luckily we bumped into someone who was very friendly and proceeded to give us a few pointers which we really appreciated and took into our own fishing. 

Upon arriving on our first session we embarked on the longggggggg walk from the carpark to the ‘Back Lake’ which was notably the harder of the 2 lakes at the Park but also had the better fish, we decided to fish in a double swim which gave us a good vantage point of the lake as a whole and good accessibility to most spots we had found amongst the weed on a ‘spot finding’ session the week before where we didn’t cast a single hook bait/ rig into the water just a bare lead and took notes as to clear spots and fish activity. 

With rigs set and the excitement of fishing a new lake in we took it in turns to watch the rods whilst the other took a walk around the lake looking for any signs or anything that could work to our advantage, with nothing showing to us and only a couple hours left before work we (Jack) took advantage of a tall tree next to us and proceeded to climb it to get a vantage point, whilst up the tree his rod had a single bleep but nothing materialised. 

After returning from his trip of being the next Tarzan we noticed one of Jacks lines had gone slack (In our infancy of carp fishing we hadn’t used swingers/bobbins before) so Jack wound in the slack line and to our surprise he was attached to a fish, Excited like 2 little girls receiving new barbie dolls we had huge grins on our face as we wasn’t expecting anything on our first trip to this tricky lake. 

With the fish nearing the bank and it breaking the surface our excitedness turned into nervousness as now we had seen the fish we knew it was bigger than anything we had hooked into before, with me in his ear constantly adding weight to the fish ‘Jack its defiantly an 18lb, Jack I think this could break 20lb. JACK LOOK AT THE SHOULDERS ONIT THIS IS DEFO BIGGER THAN 20lB!!’ I’m sure Jack was nervous enough as it was so I wasn’t helping, after what must have felt like an eternity the fish was in the net. 

Scales set and ready to go we weighed the fish, to our surprise it was a beautiful 23.12lb old mirror carp, this was an awesome fish and something we really didn’t expect on our first trip to the lake. Sadly, with the fish returned it was time for us to pack up and make our way to work, funny enough work didn’t seem so bad that day with us endlessly talking about the fish Jack had caught. 

So, with that we finish this week’s blog, I will be re-visiting Belhus in future blogs with our previous trips and hopefully with future trips, obviously covid permitting 🙁 but until then me and Jack have a trip planned on the ‘Guest Lake’ this weekend for a day session so hopefully we will have something to report!  

Until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



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