Brian Holland

One at the Club Lake

With the cold nights drawing in I have changed my fishing from Saturday through to Sunday.

The carp fishing taking main stage, as with all the rain lately the rivers and basically un-fishable.

Over the last two sessions I have managed to lose a fish, on both occasions would this be the case at the weekend.

As I am booking my winter fishing holiday which will comprises of 4 days on Suffolk Water park, I am having to change the way I fish, as they do not allow barbed hooks, so this week I am fishing with a bottom bait as well as a pop up.

I got to the lake and it was empty, so I had a stroll around to see if I could spot any fish. As it is shallow through most of the lake, being about 3 to 4 feet deep and this is where most of the weed is even though it has died back it is still beneath the surface.  The deeper water is towards one end that also has reeds.

I chose a point swim where I could access most of the lake on a cast. To the left which was towards the deeper water I cast a 15mm boilie on a size 6 hook with a standard hair rig and the right one a multi rig with a pink pop up towards the weed bed.

Over the top of both, I catapulted about 8 boilies that had been soaked in glug just to get some attraction into the area. The black chickens loved it, swimming over and diving down to retrieve the free food. Sitting there watching the greed little thing I noticed that it stopped diving and was keeping a distance away from the spot. This was because a carp had moved in and 3 little beeps of the alarm and I was on the rod playing a fish.

For the first time in a while, it was nice to play a fish in day light as most of the bites of late have been in the hours of darkness, so I was able to see the line in the water and the direction it was heading supposed to feeling the direction. It headed for the reed bed but the distance it had to cover to achieve this I had full control and steered it away into open water. The fish was now in front of me trying its best to get under the other rod that was going out into open water. As I do not use back leads unless I really have to, this can cause problems with landing fish when you have a small swim area, but this not being the case it was landed safely (apologies for not having a long-drawn-out battle to entice the reader).

With the fish in the landing net, I prepare everything on the bank, Scales, camera etc then bought the fish up into the cradle. Its was a lovely 18lb common.

With the weighing and photo’s done I set it back to its home. Unfortunately for the rest of the session it stayed quiet, but I am not complaining as this is winter and I am fishing for bites.

Happy Fishmas to all our readers and I hope your lines stay tight for next year.


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