Brian Holland

Nothing Stops Me Fishing

Well it did not start as well as it should have, I usually go straight to the lake from work, this week I had to a couple of jobs for the Mrs prior to going. Now I have a wonderful wife who does not mind my obsession of fishing every weekend. Anyway jobs done, car pack I was on my way, even though night had set up for the next twelve hours, I had an idea where I was to set up and distances for cast to even in the dark.

I was half way to the lake when the car decided to break the driveshaft right on a roundabout, A phone call to the AA, I had an hour wait, as the car was full of gear which I did not want to leave in the car, I used my phone a friend option, So a big thanks to Andy who turned up, loaded the fishing gear in his van and took me home whilst the AA took the car to the garage.

Now I needed a car so I still could go fishing, A phone call to my parents and I then had possession of my mum’s car. My wife dropped me of and after a cuppa I was on my way home to load the car and continue my drive to the lake albeit 14 hours later.

I arrived walked around and saw fish over the back of the lake, walking back on myself I went back to the furthest point swim. They could be seen in the heavy weed and every now and then launching themselves out. Now this swim is not assessable with a barrow and everything must be carried by hand up and down the tight footpath. But there is no point fishing where the fish are not so after seven trips everything was in the swim.

Even the swim is tight for a double bivvy but with a bit of jiggery pokery it fitted leaving just enough space for the rods, mat and landing a fish.

The weed is here is too thick to directly fish it so a bit of leading around the edge of the bed was found and a few catapults of boilies introduced whilst I set up the rest of the gear.

After setting up it was time for the rods to be cast. Both were set with a pop up multi rig, one with a natural looking pop up to match the hatch and the second with a snowman consisting of pink 14mm and a 8mm white on top, hook choice was a size 5 claw.

First cast to the edge of the weed bed where the bait was introduced and the other a rod length to the left into open water. Now the wait was on as the heavens opened.

The night was quiet except one beep at two in the morning then quiet again. I reeled in at six to rebait and position the rods again. One of the weed bed and the other I moved to in front of some snags, which I have locked up tight and placed two U pegs over the rear of the handle to aid any jolt on the rod before I get there.

The sun came out in between light drizzle as I waited for some action. Nine o’clock in the heaviest of the showers the weed bed rod sparked into life as the fish headed straight into the weed, I was on the rod in a flash as the weed locked up the fish, locking up the drag and raising the rod and applying gentle pressure I stood there in the rain pitting man against weed. As i had no higher ground all I could do is stand there trying to get different angles, A slight bit of fortune as I lent back to get the net in place the pressure relaxed and the fish moved enough to gain control and bring him through the weed, enough five minutes and the fish was ready to next.

Turn out to be only a small one around the twelve pound mark but it was a fish on what has been a hard water of late and the effort to get into the swim. With the fish safely back the rod positioned back on the spot. I wait again.

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