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Newland Hall – An Honest Review

Last week, I had the joy of fishing Newland Hall for the first time. A few of us from the blog decided to meet up and get to know each other better, with the hope of catching a fish in the meantime. We chose Newland Hall as Tom is pretty friendly with the Owner and it offered a range of different fishing to suit each angler’s style.

I arrived around 8.30am and although the weather was absolutely terrible, my first impressions of the lakes were great. After a chat with head bailiff Johnny and fellow blogger Tom, who was fishing on the Moat Lake, I made my way to my swim on Brook lake which is the main carp lake on the complex. Newlands Hall is your typical day ticket carp fishery which attracts all types of anglers, new and experienced.

The swims on Brook lake were well kept. Most were bark chipped and had plenty of room for a bivvy and despite the recent heavy rain, the banks weren’t too muddy either. The lake itself was beautiful. There was a large island full of overhanging trees providing cover for the fish (and snags for me) and a small bay in the corner. The swims all had great marginal features and if my swim hadn’t had already been chosen for me, then I honestly wouldn’t have known where to start because they all had great features.

I was in swim 18, and Paul was in swim 17. Both had good marginal features and an ample amount of open water to fish. Within ten minutes of arriving I had already seen one fish jump about 30 yards to my right near the margins.

Luckily no one was fishing any of the swims to my right and I was able to cast a single hook bait to where I had seen the fish show. In the half hour that I was setting up my brolly and other rods (it was still raining really hard) I managed to see another two fish jump. One was near where the other fish had jumped and the other just 10 yards in front of my swim. The signs were good despite the torrential rain and I sat behind my rods in the anticipation that one would tear off at any second.

I decided to fish three different rigs to see which would work best and then if necessary, change accordingly. I fished one rod with a multi rig and single pink pop-up about an inch off the deck. One was fished with a simple blowback hair rigged double tiger nut with a small mesh pva bag of pellet and crushed boilie and the final rod was armed with a blowback rig and double maize, one plastic and one real. Two were cast down the right hand margin where I had seen a few fish jump and one was cast out just in front of my swim.

IMG 6312
The view from my swim.

Unfortunately, the rods remained motionless for the next few hours and by twelve o’clock I was certain I was doing something wrong. So I changed the maize rod to a small 12mm wafter fished on a German rig, flicked it down the margin and scattered a handful of boilies, pellet and crumb over the top.

A few more hours passed by without any movement so I decided to change my approach. After seeing fish show in the centre of the lake, I fished adjustable zigs towards them, altering the depth. I also fished a single pop-up in the centre of the lake. Still, my rods remained motionless. I had heard that over on moat lake, Bailey had been bagging up, but around brook lake Paul and I had only seen half a dozen fish get caught between the 8 or so anglers we had in sight.

With only an hour left before leaving it looked like it was going to be a blank for the both of us when out of the blue, Pauls rod ripped off. The anglers on the other side of the lake had left a bit earlier so he’d cast a double 15mm citruz to the snags opposite. It definitely worked because the result was a pristine common of about 8lb.

Show fish that pual caught at Newlands

As the light was fading, we packed up. I stayed about a half hour into darkness as it looked fantastic  conditions for a bite. There were fish showing everywhere as the light faded but unfortunately, the day proved fishless for me. I made my way back to the carpark where my dad was picking me up. I will say is that navigating the path in the dark was a bit treacherous and a few lights would have helped.

One thing that I had seen mentioned on social media by others was that the lake was rat infested and full of litter. This is absolutely not the case. Yes, I did see one rat. But that happened to be in the dark on my way back to the carpark and nowhere near the actual lake. Let’s be honest, we have water, undergrowth and a ready source of food dropped in the swims and thrown into the water by us. Is this going to attract non-fishy wildlife? Of course it will. I see the odd rat on most lakes I fish but like I say, today I didn’t see any near the lake, just one near the car park and there was no problem whatsoever with litter. There are ample bins provided and from what I saw everyone was using them. There’s always going to be the odd idiot that leaves their swim in a mess and looking like their bedroom probably does.

Overall, I think that it is a good day ticket venue, perfect for a serious, social or pleasure fishing, depending on the lake you choose to fish. Although I failed to catch, I think I was unlucky today and I have decided to blame the weather in order to keep my angling prowess intact! Jokes aside, the amount of rain and sudden cooler temperatures made the day tough fishing. I’m definitely returning here at some point in the future. The lake will not beat me!

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