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New year, New me?

Firstly, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for tonight/tomorrow, we hope you all enjoy it as best you can as we all try and say bye to one of the worst years in recent history for many of us, it’s been a tough one but hey you’re here reading this so you’ve made it through so it’s only onwards and upwards from here! 

With nothing but chilling and being with Family as much as allowed since Christmas we haven’t managed to hit the bank (Yes, I know very poor excuse.) 

This week we have a quick recap of some of the fish we have managed to say hello to over this tough year, obviously like many others a lot of our fishing plans gone thrown in the bin but we tried to make the best out of the time we had, we had some cracking fish and some not so impressive blanks. But we are blessed to have seen the bank as much as we can as we know others never got the chance to.  

We visited Whites Lakes as frequently as possible this year and managed to wangle ourselves a membership for the coming year (Yippee). I must say the owner Mike is a top bloke and we do love having a good old chin wag with him on the bank so we cannot wait for our first years membership and try and get amongst some of the complex’s beasts! Here is some of the results from our trips over on the guest lake this year, no real monsters that we know reside in there but a few lovely fish, biggest going 19.8lb. We will for sure still visit the guest lake this year, hopefully we can get my Dad on there to fish it with us. 

Next up honestly one of my favourite captures from this year, we visited The Lake At Nine Acres Fishing Lake in Eastwood, Essex. This is a relatively new lake and it does show, the place is immaculate, the bailiff/owner Darren put us onto some of the lake’s better spots as soon as we got there and I really do love it when a bailiff is there to help and what’s you to have the best session possible instead of just turning up, taking your money and not really caring so huge respect for him. 

Jack came across the lake on Facebook and after seeing the stock of some awesome looking Koi we decided to book it up, obviously the Koi was on my target list as there are a fair few of them and I just love them. After a few hours fishing with nothing apart from a few liners I was in, when the fish first showed on the surface, I was so excited, then the realisation came in that I was hooked into a Koi and now that I had seen it if it somehow came off, I would be devastated. Once I landed it, I was relieved and thrilled with my capture, again not the biggest but what a beautiful fish! We will defiantly be back next year with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt in mind and just because it’s an awesome place. 

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We visited a few random day ticket lakes throughout the year just to keep our fix going and to have some socially distanced socials with friends, nothing really came from these trips just the odd fish but a new P.B for my future Brother-in-law was the highlight of one of these trips so congratulations to him! 

With the year now wrapped up in this blog we move onto a short piece about our goals for next year. 

Whites Lakes of course will be a huge part of our fishing next year, with 4 lakes on the complex and 3 of them being members only that we now have access to we are so excited! With Carp to 40lb+ and Cats in the Cat Lake going 100lb+ we cannot wait to get stuck in, our first target of the year will be a 20lb+ Carp each from the top lake (Easier of the carp lakes) Once that’s under our belts we have agreed that we won’t move onto the harder lake with the bigger carp in till we have both got a 30lb+ Carp each from the Top Lake, hopefully we can get that done within the year if not then hey, always next year! 

For myself, most of my other fishing will be aimed at species I wouldn’t usually fish for with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt in mind, I am really looking forward to this as it gets me using my fishing brain and really experience new styles of fishing that I’ve never done before, so expect a varied lot of capture blogs this year, Yaaay! 

That will be the main focus of our fishing for next year! Please feel free to leave comments etc of what your goals for the new year are, maybe it is joining a new club like ourselves, or chasing that new PB, or even a fish from a new venue that you’ve had your eye on, let us know in the comments 🙂 

Once again Happy New Year everyone!

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,



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