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New Toys!

As Anglers, we all love a trip to our local tackle shop, I think every time the owner sees me walk in he is laughing from knowing the amount of items I will end up buying. The past week I have made a few new notable purchases, thought I would talk you through what I have got and how I plan on using it.

Well in the image I have featured you can see a few bits and bobs, and clearly see I like using Guru tackle. It was time for me to stock up on a few (Okay…maybe a lot) more hook lengths already pre tied with bands and quick stops. Soon I am getting some baits from Bio Baits who offer a fantastic range of different flavoured boilles and dumbbells with good Chub flavours. I do prefer using quite long hook lengths, about 15 inches, but sometimes it is nice to have the option of some smaller ones. I do already have a bait drill and needle, however they are in my match seat box so thought I would leave them there and get a spare set to go in my River bag.

Well my next purchase says it on the box, these were on sale, down from about £80 to £20, so felt like a steal, a set of Daiwa Waders, these look good, and should provide me with the extra warmth and keep my dry during the winter fishing the Rivers, really look forward to using these!

My next purchase is one I can’t wait to christen, hopefully that will be on Saturday! After seeing it in a video from Mark Erdwin and also asking him about it, I ended up buying the Advanta River Ambush 5.5ft Rod, now this tiny Rod looks amazing and should help me get in all the overgrown places a typical Essex River has.

Some other things I haven’t took any photos of are a bag of Sonubaits exploding fishmeal groundbait which I will be pairing with the selection of Bio Baits hook-baits which hopefully should arrive soon, for now using old faithful of bread.

I’m all geared up for Saturday and looking forward to getting out and trying a new River!

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