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My Twist on the Multi Rig

Around February, I encountered a problem while using the well-known Multi Rig. I wanted to use a low profile, 10mm popup but having only metal bait screws, the popup just wouldn’t pop up. The idea came to me to use a small piece of foam behind the hook shank, the idea being concealment, attraction, and extra buoyancy. Since then I have caught many on this rig, confirming that it does indeed work. Here’s a few catch shots and how I tie it.

Here’s what you need to tie it.

Step 1: Select around 8-12 inches of your hook link material. I have used soft coated braid before with good effect, but here I am using a supple braid.

One of many fish caught with this rig. This one fell to a 10mm white pop-up with yellow foam.

Step 2: Tie a loop in one end of your hook length, the height you would like the popup. This knot will be in direct contact with the fish so I would recommend a figure 8 loop knot or a double overhand.

Step 3: Thread on your hook of choice. So far, I have only used hooks with an out-turned eye, but I’m sure others will work.

Step 4: Using a gated baiting needle, thread on around 10mm of zig / hookbait balancing foam. I’ve found it best to exit the foam just on the side and thread it on at a slight angle, this way the foam sits better.

Step 5: Slide on your rig ring, micro swivel, or bait screw. If using 10mm popups I would opt for a rig ring, 12mm micro swivel and bigger, a bait screw. This is so you use less putty with the larger baits.  Thread the loop over the hook and tighten down.

A Beautiful common caught with this rig.

Step 6: Attach your popup of choice.

Step 7: Add some weight just after the knot as so. I have used putty moulded around a small shot, but anything will do the job.

Step 8: Thread on an anti-tangle sleeve, and either tie a loop on the end or attach directly to a swivel. 

Another fish to prove how effective this rig is.

Step 9: Test your rig in the margins so that it is critically balanced and adjust putty accordingly.

There is still so much fine-tuning to do with this rig, but I’m sure that this could go somewhere. If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading, maybe even test this rig out for yourself and send me in your results via email on or Instagram at @joec.carp

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How does the hook stay on without a knot surely once the fish gets hooked and giving a fight that hook will pull the bait and foam off with the pressure???

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