My lure caught species in January 2022.

January is a tough time of the year for lure fishing anywhere in the UK. The colder temperatures and regularly strong winds that results in dirtier waters are things wished away by the lure angler, especially LRF anglers. Now even though it does get more difficult in the very early part of a new year, it’s not impossible. It just takes a little bit more patience, a willingness to change up your tactics and to fish in less than comfortable weather.

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I’ve caught 7 species up till I’m writing this in January, below I’ll write a little bit about how I caught them (mainly dropshot) and throw in a few pictures.

A whiting is pretty much a given whilst fishing in Hartlepool marina in January but I’ll take nothing away from the fight that the bigger ones give you. My main tactic for catching them is a dropshot rig, a small length of light coloured isome, slowly winding in across the bottom will attract them.

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Coalie bites and fights are very different from Whiting when using the same tactics. A very strong initial pull over and strong fight regardless of the size. However, I find that a drop straight down a wall and a slow retrieve up will catch them mid water. Either with a dropshot rig or a light jighead.

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One of my favourites species to catch are Long spined sea scorpions. I’ve caught a few of these so far in January and all them have either been between boulders down the side of a pier or close to some sort of structure in Hartlepool marina. If you feel a single lunge of your tip and nothing else, there’s a good chance it’ll be a scorp keeping hold of your dropshotted camo gulp.

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LRF flounders are a special thing. I’ve had most success with a looped dropshot and either isome or Berkeley gulp but I have caught them on a cheb head, size 12 hook and and inch of isome. The fight you get off a big flatfish is like nothing else, just when you think you’ve got ready to net it’ll take another dive.


A shore rockling on a 2.5g jighead was a first for me. Dropping an ecogear aqua shirasu in between boulders I started to get small bites then one large bend in my rod I pulled up in to nothing, something had taken my lure off my hook. I put another one and dropped it into the same place, this time after a few seconds I had a fish on and it was fighting. I pulled up a decent sized shore rockling.

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Dabs are a cool flatfish that have a very distinctive bend in their lateral line. I’ve caught quite a few of these and the seem to love pink isome, a looped drop shot rig with a couple of inches of pink isome will definitely do the job. I prefer this method over a Carolina rig for dab.

dab edited scaled
PInk isome works great for Dabs but this one took a full camo gulp.

I’d fished the whole of January hoping for a codling and believing that I’d get one every time I went out. This wasn’t the case, in fact it took till the 24th for me to catch one and I caught 3 in the same night. The first was on a magbite bladed jighead and an ecogear aqua shirasu.

cod edited scaled

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to the lads from The big lerf for putting on a winter competition, its definitely made me go out and fish more and thanks to the admin team from Hartlepool lure and LRF for fishing with me.

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