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Murky River Fishing

Well, with my Birthday on Sunday, I booked a few days off for Fishing around it, Friday, I planned on trying some trotting with maggot on the centerpin, Saturday as usual, I fancied heading to my Roach spot and try for a few roach on a cage feeder with bread, and on Monday I have a piking session with Tom & Andrew my fellow bloggers.

We will start with Friday, as some of my regular readers will know, I am learning the centerpin and have spoke about it in recent blogs, I haven’t yet been on a fast enough river to actually trot properly, and thought Friday could be fun to try this. Since making that plan, and maybe in ignorance on sticking with it, I headed out to a bit high, but very muddy and murky River, a bit further upstream to my Roach spot in some parks, to give that stretch a try.

IMG 20201211 135401

I was using a drennan stick float of 1.2g and had to big number 4’s, one under the float and one above the hook length, with 6’s in the middle.

Feeding some maggot, and then swinging my float in and hoping the current and River would take it downstream…which it did! At first getting used to feeding the line right to keep a good connection with the float, but not holding it back unnaturally was tough, but I feel I eventually got the hang of this, and it became great fun. Especially while watching a Kingfisher race up and down in front of me, before having a rest on a branch, which, I managed to snap!

IMG 20201211 105030

I’m sure the Kingfisher had better luck than me this day, as it did result in a blank, I did also have a bomb out with some lob worm on in hope or something. During the day in the weeds and margins, I did spot some Fish topping and jumping out, I think this may have been some breeding trout, however, not too sure, but was great to see.

Heading into Saturday, I was focused on not letting this weekend in Fishing all result in blanks, so I was determined to catch. However with the River still very murky and muddy, and a lot of rubbish flowing through, I did have my work cut out for a bite.

IMG 20201212 083102

There was some clear water the other side, so tried to chuck my feeder there, however with the rubbish flowing through and hitting my line bite detection became impossible, so I had to try and go closer, opting for just a small underarm chuck, to hopefully miss a lot of the debris, I started to have some knocks, which looked more like Fish, rather than rubbish hitting the line.

And it wasn’t long until I was into a decent little Roach, and what followed was a good flow of decent size Roach, providing great fun, I did lose a few sadly which felt a bit better, however ended up with between 10-15 decent Roach in a few hours.

I would’ve loved to stay, however an issue with urban fishing is having a wee! And today it cut my stay shorter! Overall, a good session, and now look forward to Monday’s piking session! With hopefully one or two showing, but will be a good day out with my fellow bloggers! Tune in next Saturday to find out how I got on piking!

Tight lines all!

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