Stuart Gardiner

Method Feeder Fun

I was lucky to take advantage of a mild November Friday for a session at Crow Green on the small lake before the venue closes for its winter break, this fishery is by far one the tidiest well run venues I have fished with non muddy banks and excellent platform swims throughout.

My approach here is simple a 20 gram large size method feeder fished to far side rushes and overhanging trees, its only about 4-5 rod lengths so a simple flick with the feeder then clip up the line once I get the distance. Bait is fairly simple 2mm soaked micro pellets with a 10mm white pellet soaked in Sweetcorn Goo. I find white pellets in commercial coloured waters best for myself throughout the season. 8lb main line to a 6lb size 12 quick stop end 4” hook length, coupled on my 9ft Daiwa Yank & Bank feeder rod its a fun set up for this type of fishing.

1st cast after few minutes had a nice 4-5lb fish, then followed by a plump brown goldfish about 2lb and several bream up to 4lb again all good fun on balanced tackle I was using with real rod bending bites on the tip

I had bites regularly throughout the day landing a dozen carp up to 11lb and fishing close in on the float plenty of decent roach, perch and skimmers on worm and maggot. A decent days fishing for November at a superb well kept fishery


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