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Margin Fishing for Bream?

This session I headed back to my club lakes – Hockley Angling Club and back to my preferred lake, the left/middle lake. And for a change headed to an old peg I used to love…peg 18. This peg gives you two islands at easy reach on the Pole, that I believe the bream live, and stay to bread, the main question there is whether the bream will feed or not. If they do, you can easily hit over 60lb of nice 1-3lb bream. If not, you will very much struggle! I have heard the bream have started to have a spawn in this lake too with the little bumps starting to appear on them, and they can be really aggressive feeders in-between their spawning.

For bait, I went for my special G groundbait dusted over some micros, dead maggots and soft 4mm expanders on the hook. Plumbed up two lines, one towards each island, as I know bream hold to each one. With the cold morning frost, and then following bright day, I opted for a very cautious approach rather than going guns blazing for them. I started feeding one medium size nugget of the pellet/groundbait mix in each spot along with an offering of some dead maggots.

First put in, and it wasn’t long before my float sailed under, with the obligatory initial Carp. A sign it’s getting slightly warming now we seem to start with a Carp again. It was a lovely mirror of maybe 7lb, and was just lumping around in front of me, luckily kept him under control with the pulley kit and slowly wore him out.

IMG 20210417 090817

After this, I potted in another nugget on this spot just to make sure there was a bit of bait. I also started using small pot on my top kits, to put in a few lose micros rather than using my cupping kit. Just to keep a steady amount of feed entering my swim. I soon got into a nice Bream of around 2-3lb, however the day was slow and they were few and far between, with a slightly small bream of maybe 1-2lb then coming from the other line.

After this, it was very quiet and I just picked the odd smaller skimmer or Crucian off.

As the day moved towards midday, I was feeding my margin with a few dead maggots and micros, as you can get a few bream or decent perch from the margin, even some nice chunky Roach, so always worth a look.

IMG 20210417 125931

Started off with a small Roach from the margin on a dead maggot. But then got a surprise Gudgeon, and a fat pregnant Perch!

Eventually, I lifted into a bait and the fish felt initially a lot better. And then up popped a good bream! And this wasn’t the only one about, I had a strong hold of Bream in this margin! It’s always fan catching these bream so close in!

This really helped in putting a decent amount of Fish together. Overall fishing from about 9am-1pm. I ended on about 20lb of Fish maybe, so wasn’t too bad of a morning!

Very much the biggest bream was a warrior with a few scars, but a lot of bobbles on him, so very much has been busy spawning I’d guess and needed a fill up of feed! Amazing how aggressive they can be during this time.

Tight Lines All…

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