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Making your own Floats

I make a lot of my own floats for when I am Pole Fishing, I also sometimes use these floats on a rod too. It’s a nice feeling catching a Fish on a float you have put together on your own. Admitingly, making floats doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s something nice to spend some time doing when maybe you can’t Fish!

I get all my float parts from Finesses Floats ( – They do have period of being closed). I like to use fibreglass stems, personally I prefer using the rugby ball or diamond foam bodies. A variety of coloured tips is always nice to cover the bases depending on the weather too, the pink hollow tips they offer seem to stand out in all conditions. Remember to get some eyes as well, it’s something I always seem to forget! And end up having to glue them on last! (Which I may have done here!) You will also need to make sure you a good glue, I use Araldite, some acrylic paint and some nail varnish.

1) Preperation

It’s also good to prepare your items and tools first, make sure you cut your stems down to size, I also keep a stem to use for when I am cutting them down to size to match up too, good to have some good cutters to cut through the fibreglass, also cut down your tips to size as well, have some tissue on hand and something to hold the floats up while drying.

2) Gluing together

Now it’s time to glue the parts together, and hopefully not your fingers! It’s best to have the foam body of the float already on the stem, then cover the top of the stem (enough to cover the body and a small part of the tip) in glue and slide the foam body up the stem to leave a small amount of stem sticking out. Then stick the tip onto the part of stem sticking up and wipe off any excess glue, place the floats in the stand and leave to dry.

3) Paint Time!

Once the glue has dried it’s time to get your creative side out! Make a choice of how you want to paint your floats, acrylic paint is the best type to use on the foam floats, in this example I decided on a nice shade of blue! Make sure to paint the floats evenly and to your preference. Place back in the holder and leave to dry.

4) Varnish!

Now the paint has dried and set it’s time to give the foam float some protection, and without sounding girly, get the nail varnish out! Nail varnish is the perfect varnish to protect the floats especially at a cheap price, if you want to put your own floats together definetly get some! Now you want to do a few coats, at least 2, this is to make sure you properly protected the foam.

And now you’re done! You’ve put together your own floats, now go out and get Fishing!

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