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Lure Fishing for Perch!

Well today I done something a bit different to my usually link ledgering for Chub! I went out on a guided session with Charlie Coppolo to do some Lure Fishing for Perch! This is the first time I have really done Lure Fishing so it was very much unchartered waters for me, like the location! We Fished a few parts of the Chelmer from in Chelmsford down to Maldon.

Charlie is a great Angler, and I really enjoyed the few hours with him and learnt a lot in the time, highly recommend him if you want to learn to Lure Fish, although he does over guided days as well.

We started in Maldon, and it was a lovely stretch of River, we focused our Fishing to structure, so mainly Bridges and casting in close to the bank which had a bit of an undercut. The learning curve for me was how to retrieve the Lure for the Perch, slowly bouncing it off the bottom and leaving it for a bit was the technique I was taught along with dragging it across the bottom. The River was quite clear here so I could see how the Lure was being worked, and it made it easier to see what was happening, luckily also being able to see Perch follow the Lure was nice too. The Perch were showing a bit of interest, however more just watching it rather than striking. Today was a case of the Perch just weren’t feeling it. I eventually had a flurry of 3 Perch take my Lure, and following on from my weekend, all of them came off. They just weren’t properly taking hold of the Lure and turned out a bit Frustrating not to be able to show what I have learnt with a reward of a stripey Perch! Case of a on a different Day I would’ve caught a few! Charlie was using a crank bait and did manage to catch a small jack Pike. Personally the only encounter I have had with Pike is them eating my Roach, so actually having the chance of seeing one was nice and got a small lesson on how to handle them!

Sadly the small session did end in a blank, however I have definetly took away a lot of knowledge, and will be hitting the bank again soon in hope of some Perch, and learnt a few nice spots on where Perch site. Hopefully next time they fancy biting!

If you are interested here is Charlie’s Page:

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