Brian Holland

Looking for Spots during closed season

Well with the river season now closed until June and the pursuit of my quarry now suspended it has not stopped me from going down to the river.  Instead of being armed with a rod and line I am now armed with a camera. Just because you can not fish does not mean that you can not walk the river to find spots and marks for when the season re opens.

I parked in my local country park where there is the first access to the river and started walking along the bank clambering through the bushes and long grass to firstly find new access points and then to spend time looking at each spot. Climbing trees and jumping banks, with each potential spot photographed to take another look when I get home.

I am looking now only for fish activity but also deeper holes, shallows, and slack water.

This also gives me a chance to see any unseen snags that would not normally be observed until it is too late.

Here is a selection of the Photos taken

A Height Advantage
A deeper run to the right hand side of a shallow
The Root System in the way but accessible from the other bank
The Inlet created a deeper hole to the right hand side
A deep area.
A small eddy created a deeper and slow flowing area
Snags can often be sanctuary
A deep area of a long drop
Another deeper area going under snags
A fallen branch on a deeper run could hold perch

Tight lines all


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