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Leftover Ragworm? How to Freeze it

In my last blog I mentioned that we were using frozen ragworm, left over from a previous trip. Due to popular demand and the fact I’ve been busy with school work and haven’t managed to get out fishing, in this weeks blog my dad and I will run you through our simple steps to freezing Ragworm. You may ask, why bother? The truth is that frozen ragworm works just as well as fresh and saves money when you have worm left over. We even noticed that it stayed on the hook better than fresh worms. Also, it saves the stress of not being able to get hold of ragworm at certain times of the year. As well as the blog, we also created a short instructional video too which I will link at the bottom of the blog.

Step 1: Create a saturated salt solution in tepid water. This is around a 1:4 ratio of salt to water, we used 500ml of water and 125 grams of salt.

image 2

Step 2: Place the ragworms into the solution.

image 3

Step 3: Leave in the fridge for around 24 hours.

Step 4: Strain the worms

image 4

Step 5: Pat the worms dry

image 5

Step 6: Wrap the worms in newspaper, ensuring they stay separate from each other.

image 6

Step 7: Place in the freezer until you need them. We’ve used them after being frozen for 3 weeks and they were just as good as the ones that had been frozen less than a week. We’re not sure how long they will last in the freezer, but they will definitely last for a few weeks until you are back out fishing again.

image 7

Final step: Catch fish!

Hope you enjoyed the short tutorial. If you’re looking for a little more explanation then check out the youtube video below.

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Hiya, tried freezing the rag worms I saw in your vidio, Brilliant, used them last week stayed firm on the hook,to be honest was surprised how good they were.
In the spring will be going to my favourite place for flattie,Arnside will take nothing but frozen, be a good eexperiment!,

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