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Learning the Centerpin Reel!

Well, in the week I took delivery of something new, yet something old school, guess the title probably gives it away! I got my first centerpin reel! I was really excited to try and decided for my tactics to be a bit of youth! Fishing with a light float and some maggot and catch whatever I can on the River!

IMG 20200912 084234
Advanta Discovery Centerpin Reel

I chose one swim and decided to stay in it all day and work it, it was a lovely stretch of River, over hanging trees both sides and a raft of reed in the middle of the River providing safety for the Fish.

At first I found it really hard to get to grasps with the reel, very different from anything I’ve ever used before, so was really trying to make sure I took my time and don’t birds nest the reel. A few small tangles easily fixed is luckily the worst I came across.

There wasn’t too much flow in the River, so I couldn’t really see the benefit of a centerpin here, but was a good situation just to catch a few fish on it and figure out what I’m doing!

It didn’t take long before the bites started flowing and the small Roach were the first to show up, providing a constant catch through my session!

IMG 20200912 092251

However, the Roach did start to get a bit bigger, and I found I lost a few of the bigger ones, I’ll guess this is through handling of the reel, which hopefully will come with a bit of time!

The day was going well, plenty of bites, although losing a lot of Fish, it was all good fun, and really made me enjoy the Fishing, sitting on a River bank, watching the river flow by, catching some tiddlers and seeing the flash of a kingfisher every so often. It was really some school boy Fishing, and I loved every second!

And then, a new species turned up! Perch! My first Perch from the Roding, was really happy to get this catch, and a few smaller ones decided to follow his lead too, this Perch in particular provided the best fight of the day, was happy he kept the hook in!

IMG 20200912 114709

And then, a few kids/teenagers came along, and I wish it was to Fish, however it was more to jump into the River, pretty much next to where I was Fishing, safe to say this put the Fish off, and having got past midday, I decided to knock it on the head and head home.

Overall, an enjoyable quick morning session and really started to learn how to use the pin! Look forward to catching some bigger fish on this very soon! Tight Lines!

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Great story! Now you are drawn into the center pin fishing obsession….it’s hard to stop, almost impossible to go back to a fixed spool reel. The traditional angling method is so rewarding because it’s not based on the “bigger is better” mentality. It’s a “enjoy being out by the water” and enjoy your surroundings. If you catch fish, great, if not, so be it…you learn to enjoy each outing for what it is, time well spent in nature.

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