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  • The Carp and I. Part 1
    In a flash my attention was centred entirely on the fishing as the red bottle top crashed into the rod butt and line zipped from the reel.
  • Lake Review – Hilton Valley Carp Fisheries.
    Well, this was a long time coming. Originally booked in the beginning of October 2020 then moved to the beginning of November due to covid and yet again moved to this easter weekend. Firstly, thankyou to the owner Darren Hilton for being so accommodating with the continuing movement of our slot. We had hired Caney […]
  • An Angling Memory of a Forgotten Fishing Club, a Bitterly Cold January Evening and a Codling
    Most anglers at some point in their angling lives will join a fishing club and depending on their individual circumstances and interests, some will happily remain within a club structure for many years, or others will decide to move on and fish solely freelance. For young anglers and beginners it was and still is always […]
  • The Wonder of Crucian Bites!
    In today’s blog, I am back at my club lakes; Hockley Angling Club. With my aim catching a few early April Crucians, and also adding a few more species to my tally in the species hunt, which has so far been appalling! However a day catching a few decent skimmers/bream and some Crucians mixed in, […]
  • Target Acquired
    Was a very early start to the day and a very long drive to the spot, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while as this spot is somewhere I used to go as a child with my grandad.After a well deserved stop at the service station we made it to the spot, […]
  • Carp fishing on blind lane fisheries!
    So we had a bit of a late start on this one because my mate Nathan was running a bit late! 11:30am we got there already with our rods set up and baits prepped!  As soon as we got on the bank we could already see the carp swarming the surface as we chucked some […]
  • What a T.A.R.T
    Firstly I need to apologise to the regular readers of Essex Anglers who have contacted me wondering where my weekly blog has gone. Sadly I have to report that due to other writing projects and work commitments I just don’t have time to produce weekly content for your adoring eyes, but ‘worry ye not’ I […]
  • New Mark Review – Pakefield, Suffolk
    With a week booked off work and a mass of pent up desire to fish beyond my residential area, the weather forecast could not have been better for a late March Monday. 22-degrees with no wind was promised but leaving home at 5:30 am with frost and fog I had dressed for the worst.  Suffolk […]
  • Small Pond Mystery Fishing
    There is something about fishing a small local pond, they seem to hold a bit more mystery than other venues, mostly due to a lot of Fish being re-homed in them from people who no longer wish to keep them, this really can give a surprising variation of species in one of these little ponds. […]
  • Angling and Etiquette Post Lock Down
    So with the passing of the 29th March our freedom to fish further afield, night fishing and matches a small part of normality is slowly returning. As its looking likely also that summer 2021 will be a staycation boom in the UK and with the resurgence of angling as a pastime it should be a […]
  • Stour Diaries: Two Sessions To End The Season.
    So off I went with my new Shakespeare 10ft trotting rod, (great for small rivers), a pint of mixed and my dog Indy. It was a bright day with a brisk easterly wind but the river itself had some colour and a bit of pace so I was hopeful.
  • Looking for Spots during closed season
    Well with the river season now closed until June and the pursuit of my quarry now suspended it has not stopped me from going down to the river.  Instead of being armed with a rod and line I am now armed with a camera. Just because you can not fish does not mean that you […]
  • Tackle Refresh – Fishing With Twisted Wire Booms
    As a kid the standard, go-to terminal tackle from the Essex piers or our boat on the River Crouch would be a three hook, wire boom rig. Top hook would be a slice of mackerel, middle hook would be worm tipped with fish, and bottom hook pure worm. If one of the baits was out […]
  • Stuart Gardiner – Roach
    Roach ( small but perfectly formed ) Redbridge Lakes, waggler and maggot bait Follow our Social Media Our Facebook Page Our Facebook Group Our YouTube Our Twitter  
  • Pole Fishing Basics 1: Tackle
    This will be the first of a small series talking about the basics of Pole Fishing to hopefully help a few beginners find their way in this discipline and see what it’s all about a bit more. When I started fishing as a kid, from as young as I can remember, I have always pole […]