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  • Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Part 2
    Welcome back to Part 2 of our blog! If you missed the first half make sure you read it here: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Essex Anglers Otherwise, there will be some spoilers 😉  Following on from the end of the last blog we had a touch choice to make, with the lake now in full spawning mode […]
  • The River is Back
    As I retrieved the lure up through the margin it appeared. Suspended in mid water staring at the creature bait. I held the lure suspended for a single moment then gave a little twitch, with a movement of its tail it attacked, I stuck. Fish on. For a while I have need to increase the […]
  • Fishing in Sweden: The Life Changing Fish!
    Fishing isn’t a sport or a hobby it’s a life choice. And yes I’m not afraid to say it, I am, 100% fishing and aren’t we all?!  But seriously, fishing is a sport like no other, anglers experience special moments on every trip. But one trip, one morning, one mad experience all through fishing, may […]
  • Kayak Fishing For Smoothounds
    Overview Smoothounds. Sharks of the shallow. Undoubtedly the hardest fighting fish inshore UK waters have to offer. And a personal favourite for me to target on the kayak. Smoothounds fight hard, run like steam trains and have the attitude to match their stylish looks. They can take you for a sleigh ride and give you […]
  • The two trips to rook hall
    Down to rook hall again! going after my first tench!  So I went down with a short float set up (7ft rod and 8lb line) bait was just large dendrobina worms! Getting through the small perch (biggest was close to a pound) and roach and Rudd! Changed the depth to 5ft and cast it towards […]
  • We’re Gonna Groove
    So, I decided to book the Friday off work and get down the lake early, but with a communication breakdown with the wife I left later than expected, I eventually arrived at about 10, parked up and started walking around the lake looking for signs of fish in the morning sun. The main swims of […]
  • Maver Venue Seatbox Review: Is it worth it?
    Today we are looking at the pack-down seatbox from Maver, the Venue. An interesting seatbox aimed for those who are unable to store a full seat box. I’ve owned this seatbox for a few years now, and have got a good idea about it. Hope you find this Maver Venue Seatbox Review helpful! The box […]
  • Another Angle
    The other month, I turned 18. It’s not every day that someone turns 18 and therefore, my Grandparents wanted to get me something special for my birthday. I wanted to get something that I’d always remember and something that I could take into later life. After many hours pondering over what to get, I decided […]
  • Casting Like A Dead Man: My Feeble attempts At Fly Fishing, Plus A Near Death Experience.
    My first trip to Corrib, a vast glacial lake covering an area of sixty eight square miles, was a highly enjoyable, but fairly frustrating soirée into the deep and windswept end of wild lough fishing.
  • Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
    At last, myself and Jack have got ourselves back on the Top Lake at Whites Lakes! We booked ourselves on for a 48-hour session over the bank holiday weekend and have been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now. We haven’t had any luck on the Top Lake on our previous trips but with some more […]
  • Getting Back on the Float
    ‘About having a float fishing day’ – this was a comment from my good friend Andy. Now I have not used a float in probably 40 odd years, I agreed, as I still have my teenage float rod and reel, so going into the dark depths of the garage to retrieve all the float gear […]
  • Getting back into it
    You could say I am a quite new angler, starting just last June. I used to fish my local park lake, Lake Meadows Billericay, for silverfish but discovered a species completely new to me, carp. It was a warm night so many people were fishing it and as I watched someone reel in the first […]
  • Sunshine Tench
    Well, we have finally had weather with some resemblance of Summer! It’s been a long time coming and from cold it’s seemed to have gone straight to hot! And clearly the fish have noticed this change to, with mass spawning taking place. I headed back to Parsonage Farm Fishery, in hopes for maybe a few […]
  • The Nine Pit Challenge
    Well after a night carp fishing which I caught a couple at stupid o’clock in the morning, I had already decided to make the Sunday a perch session on the lake. As I was packing up a knew I need content for a blog, why not turn this into a challenge.  On the club waters […]
  • Suffolk Beach Bass Safari
    Over recent weeks I have been out and about quite a bit, both freshwater fishing the lakes of Norfolk in support of the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise and of course, doing my favourite thing – combing the coastline of East Anglia in search of new marks and early season Bass. By fishing across disciplines it […]
  • Essex Tenching
    I continue my pursuit of Tench during the River close season in hope of a few green beauties gracing me with their presence on the Bank. On the beautiful lake that is Parsonage Farm.
  • Well, That Was Unexpected.
    Last week, I only managed to get out fishing once for the afternoon. I thought the conditions were perfect, a warm wind, low pressure, and a temperature of about 14 degrees. After dropping my dad off at Heathrow airport, I headed to my local park lake for a quick session. Upon arriving at 2 and […]
  • A Useful Brother In Law, Or How I Started Fishing.
    My swim was next to a gnarled willow amongst a drift of nodding Bulrush. It took me a while to set up my fishing tackle as I was so enthralled by the teeming life around me.
  • Minions Day Out
    Hi guys and welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, we hope your all keeping well and getting out onto the bank as much as possible!  This week we have a little recap of a session we done with our children last month when we were allowed to meet up with another household outside, we […]
  • Catching At Frant Lakes And Feeling More Like An Angler.
    Frant Lakes is a beautiful fishery on the border of Kent and East Sussex. It has eight lakes-two of which are the speci lakes (lakes 7 and 8). It will always have a special place in my heart as it is the first fishing venue my other half took me to. My last two trips […]
  • Small Pond = Big Fun
    With the amount of rain we have had lashing down, it really does put you off Fishing, certainly put me off driving a fairly long way to try and catch some Tench, instead, I stayed at home, warm and dry, and when there was a break in the conditions had the short stroll to my […]
  • Back in The Game – Park Lake Carping
    It took about an hour for the first bite to come. It came from my rod over the baited spot to my left but was rather twitchy, probably because I was fishing slack lines. The fish took me on a short run
  • Well Worth The Wait
    I wont lie I study the weather forecasts a lot prior to picking my weekly fishing sessions, yep I am a fair weather angler as far as possible and hate fishing under an umbrella always have and probably will 🙂 So I was fortunate my regular Friday trip to Redbridge lakes was a spot on […]
  • LRF – Flounder On A Bladed Jighead
    Flounder just epitomise LRF (Light Rock Fishing) to me… Quirky looking, surprisingly aggressive and fight so well on light tackle. Knowing that they start to come back from spawning in May, could I catch an early one? A trip to Cornwall was on the cards… Flounder return from their spawning grounds in deeper water, hungry […]
  • Hardcore Drift Fishing
    A few weeks back whilst collecting some worms from Kev at Colchester Bait and Tackle, we chatted about a recent trip Kev had been on to target Pollock, Ling and Conger  on the drift. Gushing with enthusiasm and with perfect timing, Matt, the organiser of the group arrived as if by magic and joined in […]
  • Essex Tinca Time!
    Finally, something I haven’t done for a while, a good bit of Tench fishing, I will probably spend the rest of my time until the Rivers open in around a month, hunting some Tench! I mean, they are an incredible species, no matter the size. I have joined BDAC for the season, they hold a […]
  • More Hounds Than Battersea
    As some of you may know, my dad recently moved to Switzerland for work. Due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, we hadn’t fished together since last year. Fortunately, last month he returned home and finally, after all my sixth form exams, we managed to go fishing together earlier this week. We wanted to do something […]
  • The Night of the Five Pound Tench
    It was indeed a beast. I couldn’t believe it at the time and even now, forty three years later, I still can’t believe it. A five pound tench in 1978 was a very large fish.
    So this is my 2nd time coming to this venue my 1st wasn’t too successful lost a few decent fish and caught a couple of nice roach in a few hours. I came down with my method feeder rod and my float set up! Using a worm kebab on the method and using worm or […]
  • Technology or Not
    When does fishing stop becoming fishing? The primitive idea of a hunter feeding his family food with the knowledge of the waters around him. Has technology now been so accepted in our lives and pastimes that we do not have hours, days and months working out a body of water and we now have succumbed […]
  • Introducing the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise
    It is a great honour to have been invited to be one of the coaches for the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise (JWFE) which we launched with our first events in April. Our activities covered both fresh water and at the beach. The ultimate aim of which is to help transform lives for the better. In […]