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  • Chelmer Piking!
    Well today meant for something I haven’t really done before! Well two things I haven’t really done before! Lure Fishing, and Pike Fishing! Having never caught a Fish on the Lure or caught a Pike, this would be a good chance to do something new! Luckily fellow blogger Thomas Baird offered to take me out […]
  • My Twist on the Multi Rig
    Around February, I encountered a problem while using the well-known Multi Rig. I wanted to use a low profile, 10mm popup but having only metal bait screws, the popup just wouldn’t pop up. The idea came to me to use a small piece of foam behind the hook shank, the idea being concealment, attraction, and […]
  • Tylers Common – Wagtail Review
    Last week, myself and Jack, accompanied by my dad, brother-in-law and cousin made a visit to Tylers Common Fishery, I had fished this fishery on numerous times but not properly for over 5 years I’d say, other than a short session recently for a few hours with my children to try and entice them into the sport, we fished […]
  • Fishing Mind, Body & Soul
    I was asked a question the other day, which really made me think (I know a vein did pop out on the side of my head). I was asked, what does fishing mean to me? At first, I thought what a silly question, then you ponder on it and what does it mean. I believe […]
  • The migration back to hunting Cyprinids
    It’s had been almost 4 months since I stepped foot on my syndicate, those that have read any of my previous blogs will understand the bass took over my summer with a final tally of over 500 ranging from fish smaller than the 130mm lures to just over 4lb.The river hadn’t had me as hooked […]
  • When a river flows
    As I sit here on my club lake with still bobbing’s watching donut rings appearing over my spots, I am ever confident of sneaking one out before moving on to the river Chelmer tomorrow for a pike and perch session. Last weekend was a bit of a washout in more ways than one, an urgent […]
  • Chesil Beach Runaway Vacation
    Robin Williams was a genius actor. Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Aladin,… the list of his hits goes on. All classics. One Williams film that does resonate more than any in our house however, is a lesser hit titled RV Runaway Vacation. A basic summary of the film goes like this; […]
  • River Chelmer – Hard Going
    I headed back to the River Chelmer, this time with the old man in the promise of some River Fish and a change from his usual match style Fishing at our club lakes. We shared a little weir pole Fishing half each, his approach started off with a little cage feeder with some groundbait and […]
  • A Very Pleasant Surprise
    Recently The Tackle Box, one of our kind sponsors, had reached out to Bailey asking who would be well suited to testing out their new baiting pole and I guess it was my lucky day. The pole arrived a few days later and I was eager to test it out. However, last week I had […]
  • Slip-D Rig
    Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog. As always we try to post interesting content, however we STILL haven’t managed to hit the bank recently. BUT we are due out this Sunday for a day session so fingers crossed we will have something to update you all with next week. Until then I have decided […]
  • Tom & Bailey the Fish off
    Hello fellow anglers. It has come to that stage where me and fellow blogger Bailey decided to have a fish off. It had been brewing for a few weeks and a lot of banter had been dished out (mainly from Bailey) lol. We both agreed on a venue which was Newlands Hall near Chelmsford. We […]
  • Dazed & Confused
    As you may recall from last weeks blog this week I fancied getting the big lures out for Pike. One thing you, dear reader, should appreciate is that when you sign up to write a weekly blog such as this the pressure is ramped up when you do have a days fishing, you have to […]
  • The Res
    Friday 9th of October,  I went to my local lake not that far from me called Rochford Reservoir.  I arrived there around 9am, chose my swim, got all set up and thought about how I would tackle this lake today. So I decided on using a standard rig connected to a lead clip with some tubing. No fancy stuff just a size 4 crank with a size 18 bounty hunter, plus […]
  • A Summer Tale
    It had been a good summer and I had been catching regularly so a new water was on the cards, I had heard of but never fished Chigboro and after a few chats with fellow anglers at work over the lakes there, mainly over the about of weed I was convinced by a colleague Ryan […]
  • Mersea Musings
    Sitting here at home this evening looking at the autumn rain lashing against the windows, early Summer seems a light year ago. Back then I was, like most of us, in the adjustment phase of lock down. Conducting 8-hours of zoom calls a day was a million miles away from my normal routine. Unable to […]