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  • Sentimental
    As I sit here with all the modern trappings for carp fishing, costing hundreds of pounds. Nothing is sentimental and can be replaced at a click of a button. Even if you think you cherish it you don’t unless you have had it handed down and it belonged to someone who had sadly passed away, […]
  • A tribute to the Essex Piranha
    The world is a crazy place right now. Divisive politics, Covid confusion… wherever you look opinions are deeply engrained and more polarised than ever. Thankfully one thing remains a force for bringing us all together in agreement and that is of course the Essex Piranha or as they are sometimes called, Whiting. Oh come on […]
  • My Approach to Rivers
    Well, unfortunately due to Covid getting a bit closer than I would hope, I have to self isolate! So it means I can’t get Fishing this weekend! Lucky I have the memory of last weekend firm in my head, and that lovely 2lb Roach! So a different blog from me, hopefully you enjoy! As a […]
  • Leftover Ragworm? How to Freeze it
    In my last blog I mentioned that we were using frozen ragworm, left over from a previous trip. Due to popular demand and the fact I’ve been busy with school work and haven’t managed to get out fishing, in this weeks blog my dad and I will run you through our simple steps to freezing […]
  • Anglers on Fishing & Mental Health
    Essex Anglers are proud to have the opportunity to produce this post, on what Fishing means to a range of different Anglers, the Essex Anglers team, some of our amazing guest bloggers we have had and some amazing names in the Fishing world have all opened up on what Fishing means to them, and how […]
  • Getting Ziggy with it!
    This week’s blog isn’t what I was hoping it would be as I was hoping to show you some glorious fish from a trip to the river I was planning. Unfortunately, like all of the best made plans this never came to fruition, a few things came up at home and alas my net was kept dry (I know, I know, I’m hurting too)  So, in reflection […]
  • The Beach was Calling
    Evening all. Now we are coming to the middle of lockdown, I thought it was about time to dust off the beach casters. Off I went down to the local beach. Now I am quite lucky I live in a coastal town and have this facility on my doorstep. The hightide was at 09:30 this […]
  • Lockdown Blues.
    So here we go again, Lockdown! Only its not a Lockdown at all is it? Most things are open for business…….. B&M staying open. Go outdoors Timpsons, Argos, Wickes and B&Q staying open. All off licences staying open. Macdonald’s Burger King and KFC staying open. All supermarkets staying open. All takeaways staying open. Schools colleges universities staying […]
  • Including the Kitchen Sink
    It was simpler back then and now if you have not got the kitchen sink you are not fishing. My fish recalled fishing trip was on a fjord in Norway with my granddad and my father in 1974 at the ripe old age of six, couldn’t tell you want was caught but I know a […]
  • Fish can’t eat your rod….although whiting would probably like to.
    The most prized fish I have ever claimed in UK coastal waters was a 11 & 1/2lb bass I caught at the mouth of the River Crouch. I was 13 years old and fishing with my father from his boat, having motored down the last of the ebb from the Essex Marina Wallasea Island. We […]
  • Big City Roach
    Today I headed to a stretch of the River Chelmer (I guess it is technically the River Can) I have fished before, and didn’t have much luck, apart from losing a good Tench, I know there is good fish (Especially a shoal of good Roach!) there so went back with the idea of float fishing […]
  • The Call of The Crouch
    This Tuesday, my dad and I decided to take an evening trip to the River Crouch. The tide was perfect as high tide was around eight o’clock and we planned to fish from five until nine. Our chosen stretch of the river was South Fambridge as it’s around a 10 minute drive from where we […]
  • First time on the River
    So, as the title says I have never fished a stretch of River in any of my fishing, I have always fished lakes and mainly for carp, however with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt coming up soon I thought I would try my hand at other variations of fishing. I believe I have mentioned before […]
  • Dead Bait and Lure set up’s
    Evening all and I hope you are all well and safe. Thank god we can still fish and get out there to free our minds from the troubles we are all facing at the moment. I thought I would share my setups with you for Piking. So, come the 1st October my rods are ready, […]
  • Suffolk Water Park.
    Due to the latest lock down I have been somewhat busy with work issues so fishing last week was a non-starter. But I thought you might be interested in a short review on this cracking venue just off the A14 near Ipswich. I know its not strictly in Essex but its a very short drive […]