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  • The Night of the Five Pound Tench
    It was indeed a beast. I couldn’t believe it at the time and even now, forty three years later, I still can’t believe it. A five pound tench in 1978 was a very large fish.
    So this is my 2nd time coming to this venue my 1st wasn’t too successful lost a few decent fish and caught a couple of nice roach in a few hours. I came down with my method feeder rod and my float set up! Using a worm kebab on the method and using worm or […]
  • Technology or Not
    When does fishing stop becoming fishing? The primitive idea of a hunter feeding his family food with the knowledge of the waters around him. Has technology now been so accepted in our lives and pastimes that we do not have hours, days and months working out a body of water and we now have succumbed […]
  • Introducing the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise
    It is a great honour to have been invited to be one of the coaches for the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise (JWFE) which we launched with our first events in April. Our activities covered both fresh water and at the beach. The ultimate aim of which is to help transform lives for the better. In […]
  • Spinning for Success
    Myself and Tom both took a Thursday off, and headed down to the local res! A fairly known one in the world of trout fishing.. Hanningfield! Our aim…a few rainbow trout though the res is known to have very large Perch to around 5lb! We were walking around the dam on this session, trying a […]
  • Fishing for Pennies.
    Fishing is one of those sports where you can spend thousands of pounds or nothing and have the same results. As much as I love going fishing with all the kit including the kitchen sink, sometimes it’s just not needed. Under some circumstances, expensive rods, reels, boilies, glugs, alarms and all the other trappings can […]
  • We’re Baccck
    So finally, a JT Carpers blog! I know, I know your overwhelmed with excitement and so you should be because that means we actually have some content worth sharing! Yippee!  To say it’s been a dry year so far for myself and Jack would be an understatement, obviously once again 2021 started how 2020 ended and that’s with a miserable lockdown, this did hinder our […]
  • A Change in Tactics
    It has been a few hard months; I have stuck so far with the tactics that have continued to get bites during the winter months but alas this year it has been but a blank. I have even tried a bit of drum and bass (apparently the ultimate carp weapon) but this had no effect […]
  • Saltwater Small Fry and the odd surprise
    The long school holidays of my youth are times when I developed my unrelenting enthusiasm for sea angling and one particular fish comes to mind from those early days of angling and that is the humble and unfashionable Pouting. I recall a lovely little deep bodied fish that fed voraciously down the sides of my […]
  • Back On The Boats – Two Recent Essex Charter Trips
    Just as the autumn transition from summer to winter brings a combination of species to our coastline, so does the emergence of spring. April brings good prospects for species hunters where the last of the winter fish remain to compete with the arrival of our beloved bass, sole and small sharks. It was with this renewed […]
  • Why has April fished so hard?
    Well, today’s blog covers a session on 24th April 2021. On this cold start yet sunny day, I took fellow blogger Tom Baird down to Hockley Angling Club, he was eager to try it given the success I have had recently contributing to the Species Hunt. However weights of fish had been very hard fought. […]
  • Stalking Carp Using the Lift Float Method.
    Over the past month, I haven’t had the time to go fishing or write any blogs because I’ve been revising for my A levels. My last exam was yesterday (Thursday) morning. I got home at about half past eleven and enjoyed some lunch before my mum to drop me off at my local park lake. […]
  • The Carp and I. Part 2
    Despite my reservations about modern-day carp fishing, I still find them a fascinating fish. It’s their propensity for huge size, wiliness, sheer power and, let’s face it, breath taking beauty that attracts me to them.
  • Fishing fun!
    The local pond:  So my first session was only a short two hours, on a local pond close by which has had some decent tench and small carp but I’ve been trying to figure it out for years with a different range of baits, methods and morning and night sessions where I’ve only had lunch […]
  • Lake, Sea, River & Troll Bridges ?
    Well, if ever I know how to do something, I know how to blank. With warm breezy days and cold nights, the fishing has not thrown me much luck.  Due to my club being shut through out the month of April, I have been forced to seek other lakes to get my rods out on. […]