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  • The Dream
    Afternoon all, I hope you are all safe and well on the bank. As anglers we all have that one dream fishing experience, well most of us have a couple. Whether it be fishing for giant Carp in sunny France or a huge Red tail in Thailand. The enjoyment and excitement of actually doing it […]
  • What’s in your Bag?
    Before Xmas my trusty old bag finally died (who said Sheena?… How dare you!!!). No it was my roving/stalking bag. We had shared many good years bankside in all weathers and to be honest both of us were looking worse for wear and it was touch and go as to which one of us would […]
  • Beginners Guide to Perch Fishing
    So, you have decided to take up lure fishing and you have watched YouTube and hit the sites on Facebook on the set up that you would require and had endless advice on it from all the people on the pages and still none the wiser with all that information. Well, let us break it […]
  • Using Bread as a Fish Finder
    Bread is such a cheap bait to have on your side tray or even have a couple of slices in your bag it always gets me a few extra fish on these winter days where the fish are not moving around much and you need to search around your swim to find them. Back to […]
  • Fish and a perfect sunrise
    Well what an amazing sunrise this morning. I cannot remember such a picturesque dawn greeting at Mersea than I was blessed with experiencing this morning. The golden sun reflecting off the sand and multi coloured beach huts was picture postcard stuff and a timely reminder of how lucky we are to be living in such […]
  • What is it about Gudgeon ?
    As a traditional angler who enjoys catching all species of fish myself especially gudgeon in the past catching a net full on the grand union at Lady Capels ‘ gudgeon alley ‘ Im sure a few reading this will remember that venue and more recently at Birds Green Lakes had some real plump ones. There […]
  • Roving the local River
    As a lot of my regular readers will know, the Rivers I fish most often are the Wid, Chelmer and Roding. However with the new government guidelines on Angling and fishing local within your district it sadly means I can’t fish any of these venues. Staying within my district only allows me one River, the […]
  • The Key to unlocking a lake?
    With the full lockdown still in place and it being here to stay for some time, fishing is still only permitted in your local council’s district. With that in mind last weekend I visited a lake in my local council that I have never visited before. The weather had picked up from the recent weeks so it […]
  • Lady Fishing Beginners Luck
    Thanks for reading guys, This is my first time doing a blog, so here goes….. I started fishing back in June 2020, and didn’t have a clue about any thing to do with fishing, just used to go for something to do….I met my partner and started to go with him all of the time. […]
  • Frustrating Isn’t it?
    Frustrating isn’t it, when you are denied your one pleasure in life, when, in your mind, you have been perfecting a new technique or method and you are dying to try it out, when your tackle is starting to look forlorn and underused and you start to wonder if you may ever use it again? […]
  • First time making a lure during lock down 1.0
    During the first lock down in march 2020, I decided to have a go at making a lure out of anything I could find in my shed. And here is how it turned out. First I got a piece of wood. I marked out the shape of the lure in pencil Then I shaped it […]
  • Awesome fishing in the middle of the greatest city on earth
    Well another week passes with this awful virus causing such tragedy everywhere you look. Thankfully the vaccine is being rolled out at pace and we can hope to look forward to happier times later this year.  With a future where travel is possible once more hopefully getting closer; my aim is to write a series […]
  • Why We Fish ?
    While we still in this awful pandemic and even though fishing is allowed the distance, area and weather we can go to is fairly limiting for so many at this time, I myself am looking forward to brighter, warmer and drier days ahead in the months ahead when fingers crossed some new normality returns. Fishing […]
  • History of Bait – Sweetcorn
    Hopefully starting a little mini series talking about the history of some Fishing baits, with positive responses I will continue the idea and do some other baits, of course if you are interested in a bait, let me know and I will research it for you. But today, we look at Sweetcorn, a bait to […]
  • Frogs as Bait? – A Peek into 15th Century Fishing Bait.
    Over 500 hundred years ago they obviously didn’t have boilies and pellets so what did they use? As you can imagine native earthworms such as the anecic earthworm and maggots were readily available and often used however there were lots of strange of baits that have been forgotten about. In this blog, I’m going to […]