Brian Holland

Lake, Sea, River & Troll Bridges ?

Well, if ever I know how to do something, I know how to blank.

With warm breezy days and cold nights, the fishing has not thrown me much luck.  Due to my club being shut through out the month of April, I have been forced to seek other lakes to get my rods out on. Not knowing lakes and not having time to work them out, I was not expecting to smash it up, But one would have been nice. So, for the last two weekends I have pitched up on Clayfield lakes in Weeley just outside Clacton.

Clayfield has 5 lakes with 3 being mixed with carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Rudd, Ide, Grass Carp and Golden Tench

The Main lake which I was fishing has Carp up to 40lb and Cats up to over 50lb and Pike close to the 20lb mark and at £18 for 24 hours it is nicely priced.

This happens to be one of the few waters that you can drive to, find a swim and fish instead of booking in advance. It has been busy and even turning up at 7 am the lake and best swims can be taken, but as I like to get out for the weekend, I will take a swim that I feel can produce at least one bite. The swim this weekend did show signs of fish just off a small island and in the margin. So, a little pre baiting whilst I set up the rod’s I was hopeful. Using a natural pop up tipped with a yellow half dumbbell then whittled down to balance the rig and the other rig was tipped with white and again whittled down.  One rod cast to the tip of the island and the other to the centre edge of the island. And then waited and waited and waited.  I had a knock on the yellow rig and that was that.

At this point on Sunday morning after less than warm night and an unexpected wake up call from a feathered Friend, I decided to pack up and try for some bass on the river blackwater.

Talk about in your Face

As I was outside Clacton I set the satnav to Goldhanger where I was to park and then proceeded on my way 16 miles. Watching the satnav for direction I noticed after about 4 miles it now said 21 miles and I was now for some reason heading then driving around Colchester. Bloody thing.

Anyway, I got there, Park up and got out my rebuilt rod which I was going to use.  11 foot 3 ¼ test curve, I attached the reel loaded with 15 lb braid which I attached 12 lb fluorocarbon a quick link and a patchinko replica lure. With a rucksack with other lures and tools I walked down a footpath to the incoming tide.

All I can say it was bloody windy and was only able to cast with the wind into the bay entrance I chose to fish. Yep, not a sniff, but then again not having a clue what I was doing after a few hours I chose to call it a day. Hopefully I will find a mate to show me the ropes. But if you do not try you will never learn. I did learn so it was not wasted time.

At this point I decided to go back to my local river / stream that I have been lure fishing to see if I could walk to the source of it inland. This would lead me beyond the point where I normally fish to, and I could find a few more spots.

It was about a two hour walk in all and I had to cross a Troll bridge, to keep them at bay I paid out the penny charge and carried on. 

I found a few deeper holes and dams made from fallen trees, but I found the source through a out flow from a field. The river did carry on, but the flow was negligible. But I was happy with what I have seen and will go back with a map to mark a few spots and hopefully when the season starts, I will be able to catch a few from it.

Well as I type, I am preparing for next weekend as the club re opens and I can go back to a lake I know and hopefully catch a few to display in the blog. But as for now tight lines everyone and make sure that you always pay the Troll.


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