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Lake Review – Hilton Valley Carp Fisheries.

Well, this was a long time coming. Originally booked in the beginning of October 2020 then moved to the beginning of November due to covid and yet again moved to this easter weekend. Firstly, thankyou to the owner Darren Hilton for being so accommodating with the continuing movement of our slot.

We had hired Caney lake and had been looking forward to fishing it due the pictures of the fish on facebook. With fish coming out slowly on the run up to out weekend hopes were high that we would catch.

When you book the hours are midday to midday so there is no early morning rush to the lake, and you can have a leisurely packed down when you leave. Which is better than the mad rush at 6 am in the morning of most places.

We arrived at about 11 am and went for a walk around the lake, as we already knew our swims everyone was already trying to work out the spots to fish to.

Two of the Island separated by a Channel

The lake is three acres, and every swim has its own section of lake to fish to without interfering or casting over other anglers. The photographs on-line do not do justice to the actual area that each angler has, and they look small but, you do have a good area of water to fish in. There are three islands that separate the two banks that you can fish down. These have cut outs and reeds growing in them so there is plenty to aim at. As the back half of the lake was only dug out a couple of years ago it is still work in progress with newly planted reeds at the far end. Underneath the water, they have cut channels and plateau’s so there is plenty of under water features to keep the angler searching to where the fish could be.

Newly Dug. With reed planted along the far bank
Underwater Channels and plateau’s

All the swims are big enough to fit a double bivvy in, they are wood chipped and have surrounding wood so that you do not getting covered in mud on them wet days, Each, swim also comes with a landing net, landing mat and weight sling so leave yours at home.

Double Bivvy in a wood Chipped Swim
Net, landing mat and Weight sling supplied in each swim

To get to the swims the path around the lake has been matted and wood chip over the top so on wet muddy days you will not be clogged up with mud.

Once settled in Darren as a host could not be more accommodating in showing you where to fish to, He wants you to catch his fish and he was thrilled when one of us caught a fish and came round to photograph it.

The lake when it becomes fully established will be a beautiful lake to wind away the summer sun on.

Unfortunately, only one fish came out over the 48 hours we were there but that is fishing, do not expect to turn up and it to be a runs water, you will have to earn your fish, which is my style of fishing. But when they do get caught expect a Carp worthy of the wait.

The only Fish – With Mr Dabbs

There are on site toilets and a shower, which are clean. Make sure that you take a couple of two-pound coins for the shower, which is hot, a bloody nice if you have had a cold spell as we did.

If you have seen the website, Facebook or Instagram you will know that they cook breakfast and main meals on site, my advice is use this service you will not be disappointed their food is A1.

Chicken Chinese Curry with rice and Chips also came with prawn crackers. Sorry the picture does not do it justice.

All of us were impressed with the size and quality of the food and the price you pay I could only but recommend it. So, take a few snacks and your tea and coffee and leave the cooking to them.

I could not recommend this fishery more and it is well worth every penny we spent for such an enjoyable weekend and we will all be back in the summer to have another try to catch a fish and eat the food that is on offer.

Dareen Hilton with a stunning Common
Darren Hilton with a Stunning Mirror

Well done to Darren.


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Me and a group of friends booked the lake in November 2020 and can’t recommend it highly enough. It was hard fishing but in November you expect that. Food is fantastic and i am fortunate enough to be moving close by very soon so hope to be fishing it at lot more.

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