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Lake Chira Part 2

So here it is guys, the second and final part about our Lake Chira trip, i know in the first one i touched on tactics a little bit but didn’t go into much detail but that is because there wasn’t much to it to be honest, in this second part i will be talking about the last part of our week and what would turn out to be a very special day for myself and therefore the best part of my trip fishing wise.

So following the theme from the first half of the week the second half was very very productive with fish coming regularly through out the day to all five of us, with sunshine and a great social this really was a holiday as well as a fishing trip.

As i said in part one we kept capturing beautiful mirror after beautiful mirror carp and it was awesome to see, then Jack through a spanner in the works and managed to capture a lovely 20lb common carp! Again this wasn’t the biggest fish of our trip but a very memorable one as it was the biggest common carp of the trip and one of the very few we managed to capture.

Jacks awesome 20lb Common Carp

Although this trip wasn’t about getting big fish and more about the stunning mirrors and having a nice relaxing holiday whilst fishing i couldn’t help but be jealous of Jacks 31.5lb mirror earlier in the week (Obviously i couldn’t tell him that or i wouldn’t hear the end of it!) so in the back of my mind i set myself a target of a fish either 30lb+ or as close as i could get, we was getting amongst a lot of twenties through out the week and getting ever so close to the elusive 30lb mark.

We had the option every night to either sleep at the bank with bivvies and bedchairs already set up waiting for us or to return to the villa and sleep in the nice comfy beds, as you can probably tell from the way i put that across we chose the villa every night, this was mainly down to the fact that whilst this was a fishing holiday, it was still a holiday to relax and enjoy so we done that to the best of our ability, so with the thought of having to go home without my own target accomplished looming over me i said to Jack that if i didn’t catch a 30lb fish during the day on the Thursday i would stay at the bank that night to increase my chances as it was the last chance of night fishing we had due to having to fly back Saturday morning.

So with that in mind me and Jack went out on the boat and placed all the rigs on to the spots we pre baited the previous day before heading upto the villa for the night, i decided to put two rods out using the boat and a third rod i would cast out over a baited spot therefore it being easier that if i did get a fish i could just re-cast the rod rather then having to get out in the boat to reposition it, the rod i cast out from the bank was a standard hair rig with a size 6 Wide Gape barbed hook (Barbed hook only rule on Lake Chira) using 4 grains of maize as the hook bait.

After a few fish came out amongst us as a group and one from the rod i had cast out i had a take on that rod again, with the fish this time just stripping line from the reel, with the lake having a very jagged bottom and unseen snags every fight was tense, this fish felt somehow different, heavy at the end and it would come in very easily at points but then would burst into life so i knew this was a good fish, how good though i wouldn’t of guessed. So after a lengthy fight the fish showed itself on the surface and i was in awe of this fish, with it in the net and the bailiff Chris recognising the fish we knew it was a 30lb+ fish, hallelujah i had finally got my target and a very stunning fish at that! The fish came out at a lovely 32lb so not only my target of 30lb+ but also bigger then Jacks fish so win win for me! With the pressure now gone that i had put on myself i decided to do the night anyway even thou i had the 30lb+ carp that i wanted.

My beautiful 32lb of Gran Canaria Mirror Carp!

With the evening looming it was time for my dad and Jacks dad to return to the villa whilst me, Jack & my cousin Daniel all stayed to do the night. The bites carried on into the light fading so whatever the size it was nice to catch a few fish that we wouldn’t of ordinarily captured as we would be sitting back up at the Villa instead of fishing.

With the light all but gone and the temperature taking quite a drastic drop i decided to call it a night and tuck myself into the comfy bedchair, we had several fish throughout the night but nothing to write home about, however not long before sunrise i had a take on one of my far margin rods, after a slow but fun battle i had landed another stunning 30lb Mirror Carp, with sunrise only 30 mins or so away i decided to stick the carp in the cradle ready for when my dad returned to show off my reward for staying for the night. When they arrived just after sunrise we weighed the fish again and the needle stopped bang on the 30lb mark! Happy days!

Another stunning Canaria carp! 30lb on the nose.

So with this being the last day we was able to fish we all enjoyed a lovely day in the sun with some more lovely fish, the week was finished off nicely with everyone returning to the villa for some delicious home made kebabs and some beers to top off an awesome week (Maybe a few to many drinks for my dad, the trip to the airport in the morning for him wasn’t to great!)

So that is sadly the end of our wonderful trip and the end of this blog, i thank you all for reading it and till next time, Tight lines and wet nets all!

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