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Lake Chira Part 1

Firstly welcome all back to another of our blogs we really appreciate it, if you read our first blog you would know how much i loved mine and Jacks trip to Lake Chira, Gran Canaria a few years ago so im going to take this opportunity to talk about it (Any opportunity to talk about this awesome trip ill take it!).

We went to Gran Canaria back in October of 2016 after a year long wait from booking the trip to actually going, mine and Jacks carp fishing antics were still in their early years when we went on this trip and i think that is what made the trip extra magical as before this trip the biggest carp we had seen/caught was a lovely old 23lb Mirror from Belhus Woods Country Park in South Ockendon.

Jacks 23lb Mirror from Belhus Woods Country Park, South Ockendon

Upon arriving at the airport on the Saturday we was welcomed by a local driver who took us to the Villa we was staying at up in the beautiful mountains where Lake Chira resides. With us arriving around midday Chris the bailiff gave us the opportunity to go down to the lake which was a 2 minute drive from the Villa, with all the gear already down at the lake (All gear and accommodation was supplied from the company we booked the holiday with) we took this opportunity to get the rods out for a few hours not really expecting much but just to soak in the awesome surroundings. Luckily for us Jack managed to squeeze a lovely mirror carp out and we was on our way, with no other action within those few hours we headed back up to the Villa where Chris’s partner Trish had made a lovely home cooked meal for us! We then sat in the garden with a few beers again taking in the awesome surroundings of this beautiful place.

Over the following days we spent all the daylight hours soaking up the sun and views whilst catching some absolutely stunning carp, Lake Chira is mainly known for its scaly mirrors and boy did it deliver for us on that front! As a party of 5 we had bites between us all throughout the day which broke the day up nicely and made it that extra bit special as all of our PB’s got broken on this trip and some still remain as our current PB’s. With breakfast, lunch and dinner being delivered to you everyday this really was Paradise. Over the first few days we all managed some awesome fish and Jack managed this awesome 31.5lb Mirror (Picture below) as i said before the lake is known for its mirror carp so if we was to manage a common carp it would always feel a little bit special and the bailiff said to us any common carp around the 20lb mark is a very good fish so that always kept in the back of our minds.

Jacks lovely 31.5lb Mirror on the 2nd day of our trip

We used mainly a boilie and maize approach for the entirety of our trip, opting to use the boilies that are sold onsite – Duster Baits Gran Canaria Specials which were a purple colour with a very sweet/fruity scent, these were fished in conjunction with maize and topped with a single grain of maize. Using just your standard hair rig with a size 6 hook seemed to work perfectly for us, to bait up we would hire the boat facilities they also had at the lake and would row out to our chosen spots to place the rig and bait over the top, we feel using these tactics to aid in precision of our rigs and bait really helped get them few extra fish that we wouldn’t of got just casting from the bank.

So with the first part of the week all wrapped up i shale leave you with some images of the beautiful fish we caught and we continue with part 2 on Thursday on our usual blog upload schedule, i hope you enjoyed the pictures etc as much as i did. For more up to date captures and trips from myself and Jack please follow our page on Facebook and Instagram @JTCarpers on both platforms. So once again Tight lines and wet nets from myself and Jack!

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