Lady Fishing Beginners Luck

Thanks for reading guys, This is my first time doing a blog, so here goes…..

I started fishing back in June 2020, and didn’t have a clue about any thing to do with fishing, just used to go for something to do….I met my partner and started to go with him all of the time. Then I started getting the bug………

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I saw someone catch a thornback ray which at the time I said to my partner “I want to catch one of those spikey ray things”, and with that, a week later I had one, baited and cast myself weighing just under 6lb! I was over the moon didn’t even know the right name for it, there was no stopping me after that, was so excited!

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At this point I was addicted!!

3-4 times a week i fished locally, Medway rivers through the summer, Isle of Sheppey and all across the North Kent coast with my dad which some of you reading this may know, Shane Pullen, who has been fishing all of his life, which I kept on to him to let me go with him and him saying “Not a chance” then with that we now don’t do a trip without one another.

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I have had some lovely catches over the past 6 months, from eels and bass to smooth hounds and thorn back rays,  and hoping for some nice plaice over the next couple of months, and maybe a double figure ray! I post on Team Sea Angling on Facebook and will definitely be writing more blogs!

Tight lines everyone!

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