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So, this week we are re-visiting a recent trip to a lake we have never fished before. The lake itself is relatively new so there really isn’t much information out there regarding stock etc. Myself and Jack had a sit down at a previous trip to sort our next trip, as we always do, even when we are fishing, we are already thinking of our next trip. We just can’t get enough! 

Jack came across this lake on Facebook and after having a little look through the photos on their page, we decided to give it a go. The lake has a fairly good head of Koi, so why not give it a go and try to lure one of the lovely carp out. This trip was to be a small social with myself, Jack, My Dad Terry (Original name, I know right?!), Jack’s Father-In-Law Vaughn and my cousin Stuart. 

The Lake itself is located at Leigh-On-Sea which is about 45 minutes from where Jack lives and about 50 minutes from my parents’ house where I was staying for the weekend whilst visiting from Teh Countryside (Insert farmer accent (I live in Lincolnshire)). 

So, upon arriving at the lake we were greeted by the owner and onto this beautiful little lake, as I stated before the lake was relatively new so had a very clean and fresh look to it, it was immaculate! After talking to the owner for a few minutes he directed me to the ‘Hot Spots’ and without hesitation I was on them, it also worked in my favour that Jack wasn’t in ear shot of the conversation so I had first refusal which obviously I wasn’t going to turn down. 

With the owners advice heard loud and clear I tied on my trusty Slip-D rig using a 6 inch rig made using RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Soft Coated Hooklink and a size 6 J Precision Curve Shank hook, with a Spotted Fin 15mm Smokey Jack Glugged Wafter as hookbait, this rig has done me very well over the last few session so I have immense confidence in using it. With the rig prepped and cast into position I cast out my second rod to the other spot using a Spotted Fin Caramel Cream Wafter inside a solid bag with Halibut pellets as recommend by the owner. 

After a few hours soaking up the lovely weather and having a little social my rod suddenly burst into life! After a short battle I had my first carp from the new lake, a perfectly pristine common carp, happy days! 

So, with the common returned and the pressure off of myself by catching my first fish from a new lake the rod was re-cast and the bragging commenced. Within 30 minutes of the fish being returned the other rod ripped off! The ‘Hot Spots’ seemed to be paying off for me, a few minutes into the battle the fish topped the water and with the splash of orange I knew I was into one of the lovely koi carp that reside in this lake. 

With both of my methods working and two different baits I couldn’t be happier, unfortunately most of the day passed with no further action for myself or anyone else, I did however manage to perfectly hook possibly the smallest carp I have ever landed, the 15mm Caramel Cream Wafter was bigger than the fishes mouth so I must give the carp an A for effort on this one. 

When we arrived at the lake at the beginning of the day the owner did also recommend using a 6ft Zig up to the island in the middle of the lake, this wasn’t reachable from my peg so after the bites drying up I decided to switch one of my rods to a 5ft Zig using a Spotted Fin Caramel Cream Pop Up as it had done me previous bites during the date on the wafter variation. I cast the rig over to the same spot I had my first fish in the hope that they would be in the upper layers as the weather heated up during the day. 

Within a couple of hours of that rod being out I had a few single bleeps followed by a big drop back on that rod, after picking up the rod and winding down the line I was in contact with my fourth fish of the day! (Yes, I am counting the smaller fish.) 

Sadly, with this fish being the last of the day and no fish for anyone else that brings us to the end of our trip. I was over the moon with the results for myself, with it being a new lake and no prior knowledge of the lake before arriving, landing myself three fish and one of them being a Koi that was on our wish list this trip was a GREAT SUCCESS (Borat voice)

Once again thank-you for spending the time reading our blog, we really appreciate it. If you would like to keep up with our recent endeavours and future competitions please follow us on our social links below. 

Tight lines & Wet nets!



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