Khan Emin

  • The two trips to rook hall
    Down to rook hall again! going after my first tench!  So I went down with a short float set up (7ft rod and 8lb line) bait was just large dendrobina worms! Getting through the small perch (biggest was close to a pound) and roach and Rudd! Changed the depth to 5ft and cast it towards […]
    So this is my 2nd time coming to this venue my 1st wasn’t too successful lost a few decent fish and caught a couple of nice roach in a few hours. I came down with my method feeder rod and my float set up! Using a worm kebab on the method and using worm or […]
  • Fishing fun!
    The local pond:  So my first session was only a short two hours, on a local pond close by which has had some decent tench and small carp but I’ve been trying to figure it out for years with a different range of baits, methods and morning and night sessions where I’ve only had lunch […]
  • Carp fishing on blind lane fisheries!
    So we had a bit of a late start on this one because my mate Nathan was running a bit late! 11:30am we got there already with our rods set up and baits prepped!  As soon as we got on the bank we could already see the carp swarming the surface as we chucked some […]
  • Pike/perch galore (with a few extras)
    Started off the day on sixteen foot drain! Was full of other anglers on the day a mixed bag of carpers and pike fishermen because in the past few weeks a 30lb carp had been pulled out and a 19lb+ pike  So understandably it was packed!  Day started off slow for a few hours but […]