Khan Emin

  • Blasford hill pike fishing
    So first ever overnight session me and my mate Reece got down at 8:30 am lugging all our gear, food and sleeping stuff down, found a really nice swim with some overhanging trees looking really good for what we are after!  Decided to cast out a float with a roach deadbait had a few nibbles […]
  • Roach fishing on the river can!
    Only a short hour session in the evening as that’s when it’s been most productive! Walked down to the river and it’s flowing a bit fast but nothing awful and a bit of colour. Setup was my 10ft Shakespeare match rod paired with a Shakespeare reel with 8lb line down to a 2g float with […]
  • Evening predator fishing
    So the start of the session going down to how mill lock chucking around some crank baits after some perch or chub!  3 small wasps on the Rapala shadow rap so not too bad! Switching over to a cheb rigged reggie in real ale colour caught a few larger ones, one being close to 1lb […]
  • Blasford hill carping
    So the day was going to be a chill one of showing my mate Daryl and his son how to fish, set them both up and myself with float rods (I bought my feeder too incase I wanted a tench) Straight away as they both started casting in not even 2 minutes roach and Rudd […]
  • Predator fishing galore
    Starting off the day on the micro crank baits in roach colour! Had 3 nice chublets absolutely bomb them one after the other!  I then changed spots and changed to a rattling hornet in brown trout colour, bringing it through slow and then speeding the pace up a bit, I felt it come to a […]