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Just add water…!!!

Just Add Water…………(Pt1)

Hello fellow Anglists. My name is Nigel.

Unfortunately your regular blogger, Andrew Pilgrim, is not able to post anything for a couple of weeks due to work commitments, but as he is a good friend of mine I said I would be more than happy to write a blog in his absence, so here goes.

As this stage I should point out that I am no stranger to writing online blogs as I am a regular contributor to many stamp collecting and caravaning sites so I am sure you will find the content of this, my first fishing blog, to be both educational and informative and I would expect that the powers that be will be asking me to contribute more in the future.

I myself am pretty new to the game, well to be honest I have never been fishing before, a fact I may have neglected to mention to Andrew, but due to the world wide web and in particular the You Tube video channel it’s very easy to get yourself educated on just about anything. I have spent over 3 hours watching instructional videos from top Carp anglers such as Robin Hughes & Little Andy, so worry not, I am fully up to speed on the latest tackle, techniques, and trends and armed with all this accumulated knowledge and an abundance of confidence I headed to the local fishing equipment emporium.

The fishing shop in question was a vast warehouse and I was confident of being able to procure everything I needed if only I could remember what was in my list which I had neglected to bring with me.

“Can I help you fella?”

“Yes I’d like a couple of rods for catching the Carp fish please”

“Certainly sir, follow me”

He showed me a selection of rods he said some were 2 pound but I selected a couple he said were 3 pound rods as I didn’t wish to appear like a cheapskate.

“I never realised fishing equipment was so cheap” I said at which point the manager stepped in, pushed the boy out of the way and with a smile on his face he furnished me with everything I could possibly need to catch the Carp fish.

He was very helpful indeed and reminded me to buy many things I hadn’t even considered such as great Camo clothing so the fish don’t see me, and all the time with a huge grin on his face, What a nice man. To be honest with you I had not anticipated spending £2,678.24 on fishing stuff but at least the rods were reasonably priced and he assured me that it was all essential so needs must.

I had seen on the videos that Carp fish like to eat pellets so, on the way home, I called in to my local garden centre and bought a big sack of Koy Carps food. That was me sorted and ready to catch.

Just add water…… (Pt2)

As I mentioned earlier, Andrew is tied up at work but his beloved wife Sheena has kindly offered to take me tomorrow to a local water which she assured me is stocked full of Carp fish, Perfect!

But don’t worry guys I am not going to tell you where it is as one thing I learned from the videos is never to disclose the location. So tomorrow I will write a blog of my day and to make it more exciting I shall type on my i-pad as it happens.

7.45 am……..I have just pulled into the car park I can see Sheena has almost finished unloading her gear and to be honest I am amazed at how little she has brought, just a box seat thing and a long holdall I’m guessing for her rods, no trolley! The poor girl has to carry all her stuff. She really should get herself a decent set up. As she walked off she shouted that I should “Swim to the left of the island” but it’s cold and I haven’t brought any trunks so I will give that a miss and concentrate on the fishing.

8.15 am …..That’s the van emptied and I am sure people will be impressed when they see my barrow stacked high with gear, I certainly look the part!

8.45am……… Finally got to my fishing position next to Sheena but Jeezus I’m knackered.

Nigels Top Tip….. Always buy a motorised barrow

9.08am ……..As I am starting to arrange my tackle Sheena is netting her second Breem. I do hope we aren’t going to be plagued by these little fish all day, although Sheena seems to be enjoying herself. Strange girl!

9.55 am …….. That’s the rods set up and boy do the Shinamos look good, I have spent ages  getting the poddy thing perfect and it looks great, Sheena keeps looking over and smiling, I think she approves………now for the other stuff.

Nigels Top Tip… Use a spirit level to get everything just right

12.25pm ….. The instructions for my Nesh tent said, and I quote… “ Use Poles to erect Bivy”.              I walked round the whole lake and after asking all the other anglers it transpired that there were no Polish people fishing that day so, being a practical sort of guy I eventually did it myself. The man in the fishing shop assured me that it was easy to put up, he lied! I shall be having words.

12.53pm….. How proud am I as I survey my set up. Tent up, rods ready, cooker lit, bed made now all I need to do is put some fishing string on my new Bite Running reels and get catching.

01.25pm…….. Sorry I got side-tracked by something on my portable TV.

Nigels Top Tip… Don’t turn on the TV until everything else is done.

01.58pm…… Reels filled and I’m ready to go. Now as we Carp anglers all know the key to a successful day is plenty of bait and I was well prepared.. I had learnt from the videos I had watched, that throwing in pellets was the approved method of pre-feeding and for this I have brought the 10kg sack of Koy Carps pellets and to get them to the area you want to fish the man in the shop said I  should use a Foxy red rocket thingy on a ‘Spaff Rod’.  I have stupidly neglected to buy a “Spaff Rod” so I will have to use a normal rod.

Nigels Top Tip… Make sure all your spaffing gear is in order before going fishing

03.12pm……  That’s the pre-baiting done. Beginners should note that the Big Red Foxy Spaff Rocket that I bought was not easy to throw out. The first attempt went along way, mainly upwards, and after 10 seconds it came down with a loud splosh in the Lilly pads in front of me. But after a few dozen throws I have the hang of things and now all the 10kg of Koy Carps pellets are out in the water. Well ON the water would be more accurate but at least my half of the lake is covered.

03.20 …. I have baited my hooks with Sauce & Sempex Boilie Balls and I am about to make my first throw in. Here is another thing I’d learnt from the videos. Carp fish are always caught very close to the far bank, so I lined up and woooosh!…… Well I have to say that the half hours practice with the rocket thingy has enabled me to perfect my throwing in and the positioning is perfect. My rig landed just 1 meter from the far bank. I think that the chap fishing there was impressed because as my 5oz lead gently plopped into the water in front of him he stood up and gestured his appreciation with a few claps.

03.45….It took me 8 throws to get the other set of tackle close to the far bank but it is now in place. The man opposite now appears to be coming round to express his admiration for my fishing prowess in person. Sheena has intercepted him and I think she told him not to bother me whilst I am angling as he is now returning to his camp.

04.15 … I have finally finished setting my biting alarms. There are so many tones to choose from it was hard to decide. But both are nice and loud so everyone will know when I catch something.

 Nigels Top Tip….. It’s wise to check they are still working by tugging the fishing string every 10 minutes.

04.45… Poor Sheena has been plagued by Breems all day. But at least she had the good manners to keep them in a net so they don’t swim out and eat my baits.

5.30pm…. Sheena has just been and told me it’s time to pack away and go home. I’ve only been fishing for an hour or so, she obviously has little patience, but to keep her happy I will do as she asks. To be honest I don’t think I will catch any Carp fish today as the weather is not in my favour. All the Koy Carps pellets got blown by the wind into where I am sat and then eaten by hordes of hungry fish, Breems I suspect. They have been sucking and slurping them up all afternoon.

6pm... Sheena has gone and I have my rods all put away. Now to start on the rest but it’s not going to be easy in the dark.

8.15pm…… Finally home. So there we go my first and hopefully not my last angling Blog. I trust you have enjoyed reading and hope you have all learnt something via my handy tips.

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brillllant ,very very funny ,but also so very true ,from buying the gear thru to the actual fishing ..why people think throwing money at a hobby or sport makes them a better performer i will never know

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