Join the Team

Since being open we have received a number of messages with people asking to join Essex Anglers. We are happy to welcome new members and in order for us to do this easier we have setup a page dedicated for people wanting to apply to join our team and start blogging!

To make our decision what we would like to look at is the following:

  • Links to your social platforms (Instagram/YouTube/Facebook – You don’t need all of these to get accepted, we like to look in order to see what you are like and if we think you could be a good fit for us!)
  • A message about yourself and the Fishing you do, this is your chance to let us know who you are!
  • A Sample Blog Post – If you write up a sample blog post for us to review your writing style, this doesn’t have to be long but is important you have freedom with it and enjoy writing it! Be sure to include photos of catches too! (Best to do this in a word document and you can copy photos in!)