Joe Chappell

  • Frogs as Bait? – A Peek into 15th Century Fishing Bait.
    Over 500 hundred years ago they obviously didn’t have boilies and pellets so what did they use? As you can imagine native earthworms such as the anecic earthworm and maggots were readily available and often used however there were lots of strange of baits that have been forgotten about. In this blog, I’m going to […]
  • 7 Useless Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Maggots.
    Here are 7 utterly useless facts that you might not know about maggots.
  • The 2021 Essex Anglers Species Hunt
    Today, January First, 2021, marks the start of a year long competition between myself and fellow bloggers on the Essex Anglers site. The goal is simple, to catch as many different species as we can. The only catch being they must be caught in Essex. Every time a new species is caught, it will be […]
  • 10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for All Anglers
    Are you struggling with ideas on what to get that special fishy someone this Christmas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, unless they’ve specifically asked for a certain rod, or new chair, or in my case a new pair of waders, it can be hard at Christmas to know what to get. Here’s […]
  • A Bit of a Mish Mash
    I haven’t been fishing in over 3 weeks, I’m really not sure how I’m coping. I’ve been busy with exams and university applications at school and due to the busy festive period, I’ve been working both Saturday and Sunday. After deliberating over my breakfast on what to write this week’s blog about, I couldn’t decide. […]
  • Tackle Review – Tackle Box CF-X 18m Telescopic Baiting Pole
    If you’ve read my most recent blog, you would have already heard what I’m about to say. If not then keep reading! When I say this piece of kit has doubled my catch rate, I’m not lying. I mentioned it above, yep that’s right, it’s my baiting pole from The Tackle Box. I absolutely love […]
  • Leftover Ragworm? How to Freeze it
    In my last blog I mentioned that we were using frozen ragworm, left over from a previous trip. Due to popular demand and the fact I’ve been busy with school work and haven’t managed to get out fishing, in this weeks blog my dad and I will run you through our simple steps to freezing […]
  • The Call of The Crouch
    This Tuesday, my dad and I decided to take an evening trip to the River Crouch. The tide was perfect as high tide was around eight o’clock and we planned to fish from five until nine. Our chosen stretch of the river was South Fambridge as it’s around a 10 minute drive from where we […]
  • The Beauty of Autumn Fishing
    It feels like it’s been months since I was last sat here writing a blog for you. It may have only been a couple of weeks but I have loads to catch you up on. First off, I’ll take you back to the 11th of October. It was a Sunday and work had been pretty […]
  • My Twist on the Multi Rig
    Around February, I encountered a problem while using the well-known Multi Rig. I wanted to use a low profile, 10mm popup but having only metal bait screws, the popup just wouldn’t pop up. The idea came to me to use a small piece of foam behind the hook shank, the idea being concealment, attraction, and […]