Joe Chappell

  • More Hounds Than Battersea
    As some of you may know, my dad recently moved to Switzerland for work. Due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, we hadn’t fished together since last year. Fortunately, last month he returned home and finally, after all my sixth form exams, we managed to go fishing together earlier this week. We wanted to do something […]
  • Fishing for Pennies.
    Fishing is one of those sports where you can spend thousands of pounds or nothing and have the same results. As much as I love going fishing with all the kit including the kitchen sink, sometimes it’s just not needed. Under some circumstances, expensive rods, reels, boilies, glugs, alarms and all the other trappings can […]
  • Stalking Carp Using the Lift Float Method.
    Over the past month, I haven’t had the time to go fishing or write any blogs because I’ve been revising for my A levels. My last exam was yesterday (Thursday) morning. I got home at about half past eleven and enjoyed some lunch before my mum to drop me off at my local park lake. […]
  • Passing Time
    For Christmas, my parents bought me a DSLR camera. I’ve always loved nature and as good as our smartphones are nowadays, they can’t capture spectacular moments the same way a proper camera can when used correctly. Emphasis on the correctly here because they can be tricky to use at the best of times. Coupled with […]
  • ‘Chance of That?’
    The Half Term Campaign Chapter 4 – ‘Chance of That?’ Last week I had a week off from online school. Me and my friend Jack decided to take advantage of our last free week before the close season to target anything which swims in our local river (except for ducks of course). This the fourth […]
  • ‘The Day for Firsts’
    The Half Term Campaign Chapter 3 – ‘The Day for Firsts’ This is the third part in a mini-series of blogs I’ve written this week about fishing a small local river with my friend Jack. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out the first couple of chapters. They can be found here. Chapter 1 […]
  • ‘Poxy Carp’
    The Half Term Campaign Chapter 2 – ‘Poxy Carp’ This is the second part of a little mini-series of blogs. For me, this week is half term which means no sixth form (online lessons) and therefore, lots of fishing. You can check out the first days fishing here if you missed it. I’d checked the […]
  • ‘Snow Bream’
    The Half Term Campaign Chapter 1 – ‘Snow Bream’ This week is half term and for me, that only means one thing. Fishing! Although I’m at home all the time at the moment due to online schooling, I still have work to do so I haven’t been fishing much. This week I managed to hit […]
  • How Rain affects my Fishing
    With spring just a month away, some of the best fishing is right around the corner. At this time of year and for the next few months, the fish are at their heaviest and if you can make the most of the warm spells and south westerly winds then you’re in for some fantastic fishing. […]
  • Frogs as Bait? – A Peek into 15th Century Fishing Bait.
    Over 500 hundred years ago they obviously didn’t have boilies and pellets so what did they use? As you can imagine native earthworms such as the anecic earthworm and maggots were readily available and often used however there were lots of strange of baits that have been forgotten about. In this blog, I’m going to […]