Jack & Terry

  • We’re Baccck
    So finally, a JT Carpers blog! I know, I know your overwhelmed with excitement and so you should be because that means we actually have some content worth sharing! Yippee!  To say it’s been a dry year so far for myself and Jack would be an understatement, obviously once again 2021 started how 2020 ended and that’s with a miserable lockdown, this did hinder our […]
  • Wychwood Riot Rods – Tackle Review
    With the freezing temperatures having rolled in over the last couple weeks it has been very hard to get over onto a lake where it hasn’t frozen over and with only 1 lake in my local district as per Government guidelines my options are limited. So, with that in mind today I’m going to write a tackle review on my Wychwood Riot Rods.  […]
  • Winter Warmers
    Welcome back to another blog! Sadly no time for fishing this week with all the home tutoring for my 2 children. However I thought I would go over a few essential items to take on a Winter sessions fishing to ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times. Head torch  For me this is […]
  • The Key to unlocking a lake?
    With the full lockdown still in place and it being here to stay for some time, fishing is still only permitted in your local council’s district. With that in mind last weekend I visited a lake in my local council that I have never visited before. The weather had picked up from the recent weeks so it […]
  • All aboard the Northstar!
    Firstly, Happy New Year all! I know it’s a bit delayed but we didn’t get a blog out last week as I was a bit unwell so didn’t get a chance to get one sorted for you all.  So, with the Nation being in a full lockdown any hope I had of travelling to Essex to try and grab a few species for the […]
  • New year, New me?
    Firstly, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for tonight/tomorrow, we hope you all enjoy it as best you can as we all try and say bye to one of the worst years in recent history for many of us, it’s been a tough one but hey you’re here reading this so you’ve made it through so it’s only onwards and […]
  • Christmas Wishes
    After last week’s shambolic display from myself and Jack, we haven’t hit the bank since and with Christmas all but here fishing was off the cards, so unfortunately no new stuff to post this week :(.  So, this is a very short but sweet blog to wish all of the readers a very Merry Christmas, I know a lot of people aren’t going to be […]
  • Winter Washout
    So, after not fishing for carp for over a month myself and Jack finally got a session out this weekend to Tylers Common Fishery to get a bend in the rod before Christmas.  The weather leading up to Sunday was Cold, Wet and did I mention Cold? Thankfully for us the weather was set to […]
  • Species Recap
    Firstly, welcome back to another blog, with this year soon coming to a close we would just like to say a thank you to everyone who reads our blogs, we really do appreciate all of the support. <3  So, once again this week I was hoping to hop down to the river and try trotting again (Still sounds a […]
  • Trotting Along
    Firstly Hooray I managed the hit the bank this week! Whilst it was only for a short couple of hours, time on the bank is always an exciting time. I didn’t manage to get out last Friday as I was hoping due to the life of being an adult (It really does suck at times […]