Jack & Terry

  • Dreamland Continues
    Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, carrying on from our last blog I apologise for leaving it how I did but I think what is about to happen next deserves its own blog! I hope you’ll agree.  So, heading into the final night of our trip and Jack returning another cracking fish just an […]
  • Red Letter Session
    Welcome back to another instalment of a JT Carpers blog! This week we start looking at a session from heaven for myself and Jack! If you follow us on social media, you will already know the results of this trip, if not, sit back, relax and enjoy the blog πŸ˜€   So, this trip was unfortunately our last trip […]
  • Captain Small & The North Star Express.
    All Aboard!! Welcome back to another instalment of the JT Carpers blog, this week we have something a bit different to usual, an awesome little social sea fishing trip with the miniature comedian himself Jon over on the North Star!  So, usually we book a trip with Jon once a year, for something a bit different than […]
  • Knowledge is everything
    Welcome back one and all, this week we look at a recent session myself and Jack had over on the Top Lake at White Lakes, this lake is proving notoriously difficult for us both but persistence always pays off so we are returning to see if we can make it pay off sooner rather than […]
  • Bye bye Ducky!
    Welcome back once again everyone to the next instalment of a JT Carpers blog, this week we revisit a recent trip to White Lakes Guest Lake with my dad for 24 hours.  With myself and my dad turning up a little earlier than Jack, I decided to be the best friend anyone could ask for and setup […]
  • Miniature Surprise!
    Welcome to another JT Carpers blog, this week we go over a short session myself and Jack had whilst away with our families for the bank holiday weekend last month.  So, as I was already on holiday with my family at Waldegraves Holiday Park on Mersea Island, Jack and his family joined us for the weekend, obviously with a […]
  • I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for…
    Welcome back once again, we thank you for your time πŸ˜Š  This blog is just a short one on a recent session I had on a lake near myself in Lincolnshire called North View Fishing Lakes. This complex is your typical complex with 3 lakes, 1 Match Lake, 1 Carp Pleasure Lake and 1 Specimen Carp Lake.  […]
  • Cracking the code
    Welcome back to another instalment of a JT Carpers blog, we appreciate you all giving us a read πŸ˜Š  So, on this trip we visited White Lakes again for a 36-hour trip on the Top Lake, having fished it a handful of times previously and having the following 25lb Common for Jack and 23lb Common for me we […]
  • Dayticket? Pass!
    Welcome back everyone! This blog we look at a session we done recently over on the Guest Lake at White Lakes with myself, Jack, My dad and future brother-in-law.  We only had a day session available to fish due to other commitments so we decided to give the guest lake a go for the day rather than trying to […]
  • A Splash of Colour
    In this week’s blog we look over a recent trip myself and Jack had over at β€˜The Lake at Nine Acres’, the main reason for this trip was a little social with a couple of mates. Having been to the lake before and lurking in the shadows of Facebook we knew of some of the […]