Brian Holland

Including the Kitchen Sink

It was simpler back then and now if you have not got the kitchen sink you are not fishing.

My fish recalled fishing trip was on a fjord in Norway with my granddad and my father in 1974 at the ripe old age of six, couldn’t tell you want was caught but I know a small fire was lit. Then I remember a couple of years later getting a six-foot black rod and reel with a few floats and fish the river at Flatford mill catching roach. I had a few school friends that fished so probably for Christmas or birthday I got the Shakespeare blue box seat and a cantilever box to put my fishing tackle in. Like many youngsters being dropped off by our parents’ arm with your tackle box, net, keep net, a flask and sandwiches we went for a day’s fishing at various local ponds catch the smaller inhabitants.

I then drifted away from fishing as other outside interests took over and a marriage, nothing stopped me going just I did not. It was during a five a side football match I broke my wrist and a gentleman at work invited me to carp fish with him at a local lake, so I said I had some fishing gear which basically all went in the bin, being from the early 80’s was not at all useable. He let me the equipment I needed, and I caught my first carp, being photographed with a plastic bag over the plaster on my wrist. Fire relit.

I now had to purchase rods, reels, alarms, and all the essentials. We live in a consumer world now where magazines, YouTube and even tv is awash with telling you that this is required to help you catch fish or make you comfortable whilst catching fish and we buy, buy, buy it all making carp fishing the most profitable if all the styles of our sport even to the point you need a van to transport it all.

Now we have all become comfortable with this try scaling down back to basics, its nigh on impossible because you have the just in case I need it syndrome, so we pack everything into our vehicles and off we trundle and when we get to the lake we put it mountain high on to trolley then push it around the lakes to our chosen swim where we sit for an hour trying to get energy to actually set up.

This is where being carpy is madness, you look to your left and seen a person next to you with a seat box his rods out and you scoff at the presentation thinking he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The thought is who is the idiot as the fish do not care.

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