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Igniting the Passion

Tom Rockley, aged 11, Leicester

My family and I went on holiday to Cornwall in 2019, we did loads of cool stuff, but the thing that really stuck vividly in my mind was fishing off the rocks with our instructor Justin from Cornwall Fishing Adventures for big, hard fighting Wrasse, and mini but fun Rock goby. Ever since then, fishing has always been in the back of my mind and very close to my heart. Throughout 2020 l have been thinking more and more about it and longing to be out on the bank. Finally we decided to commit and buy some rods, floats and a pack of hooks to go down to the local canal.

Since August 2020 we’ve been enjoying fishing at least once a week during Leicester’s lengthy lockdown.

Tale of the Pike

When we started fishing I was happy to catch anything, but as my skills developed I wanted something more challenging. A Pike.

To start my predator adventure our local tackle shop showed us a simple lure to start off with. That lure quickly disappeared into a lily pad. After a few months of trying with various lures, still no pike.

Christmas Eve

It was a bright, cold Christmas Eve. We were fishing for perch on the Grand Union Canal in Wigston, with a lightweight float set up.

Around 30 minutes into the session and my float was pulled under by a lovely big perch. It was the biggest fish I had caught and I was over the moon.


Twenty minutes later, the float was under again. This one felt different. I managed to surface the fish and to my surprise it was the fish of a lifetime.
A massive 13.5lbs pike!


I was in shock at the unexpected apex predator on the end of my line!
I couldn’t believe my luck, as I was using a 4lbs line and a tiny size 16 hook. I was in such a state of shock, after we safely saw her back to the depths, we had to pack up and go home. That fishing memory will stay with me forever.

As lockdown hopefully eases and my fishing horizons expand beyond Leicestershire, we will begin carp, fly and sea fishing.

I hope you enjoyed my story and I look forward to writing some more blogs about my fishing adventures.

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Lovely fish I live in London but was taught to fish and got my love of fishing from my late Grandad a Leicester man. Remember fishing the Straights in Leicester when it was rammed in the 60’s. Also fishing the Soar/Grand Union canal around Aylestone. Fond memories

Hi Tom, I really enjoyed your blog and your video! I especially liked your writing style, which is great for someone your age! How do I know? Well, I used to be a teacher before I retired and have seen enough kid’s writing to know good stuff when I see it!
If you are going to keep up with angling why not start your own blog? I’ve just done that and am finding it really interesting. I also enjoyed you video which reminded me of Carl and Alex when they started. I caught a perch like yours this year but have never caught a pike of any size so well done!
Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your next blog and video!

Thanks! I love making videos and I’m finishing some more. I also liked writing the blog. I don’t know if I’m at all as good as Carl and Alex, who are my favourite Youtubers. Thank you for the comment.

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