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History of Bait – Sweetcorn

Hopefully starting a little mini series talking about the history of some Fishing baits, with positive responses I will continue the idea and do some other baits, of course if you are interested in a bait, let me know and I will research it for you. But today, we look at Sweetcorn, a bait to catch most coarse species, from Carp to Roach, Bream and Tench! It truly is a great allround bait, which stands out on the bottom of a Lake or River! It’s a top bait most anglers today are aware of and probably use, and getting hold of it today is easy, whether its your local tackle shop or a supermarket, getting a tin of sweetcorn couldn’t be easier.

Sweetcorn originates from North America, and people believe it was brought to the UK sometime in the 15th century possibly by Christopher Columbus. With it being in the country for so long, many angling authors in the 20s-50s didn’t mention it in their list of baits, however in the 70’s Fred J Taylor noted how it was good for Tench Fishing. So it more than likely gained popularity after this.

Since then Sweetcorn has very much so been commerialised in angling, from starting off Anglers just buying a humble tin of green giant (other brands are available), to now tackle companies making all sorts of tinned flavours of corn and even fake corn!

I personally normally opt for normal corn from a supermarket, however this is more of my preference as I find it cheaper as well. Corn does provide you with different options on how to present, whether you wish to hair-rig or directly hook the corn.

However, if you don’t fancy buying tins of corn, you can always buy plastic corn?!? This can offer anglers different styles of presentation with slow sinking variants, or pop up variants all created, even in different colours too.

It’s amazing to see how Corn has took the world of fishing, and is a staple no matter what species you target, they all will love Corn, however I believe Corn will always be tied closest to a warm summers day Tench Fishing, the two seem to go hand in hand, I guess if what we believe was right, Tench fishing made sweetcorn a very popular bait today!

Personally, I have caught everything on corn, Including my PB Bream of 7lb, and some good Roach in the past as well. If I’m on a still water, corn is a must have bait for me!

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